10 Recommended HR Tech tools for Remote Working

Hiring, engaging and retaining a “remote workforce” is the new normal.

by Swechha Mohapatra, Senior Consultant-Digital HR, hrtech

Hiring, engaging and retaining a “remote workforce” is the new normal. As teams around the world move to work on remote platforms, HR departments (now more than ever) are looking at deploying HRTech applications that help them offer the right support, create a culture of trust, compassion and flexibility.

Read on to know about’s 10 Recommended HRTech tools that will enable HR departments to quickly go virtual! 



Video Interviewing apps help streamline and simplify the interviewing process by providing pre-recorded interviews, live video interviews, tracking the screening process, integrating with Applicant Tracking System (ATS), among other aspects.

TALVIEW’s Instahiring platform empowers clients to transform to a 100% digital hiring process and enabling enterprises to hire at the tap of a finger using a recruiting chatbot, video interviewing features (both live and one-way), online assessments, and built-in user authentication and proctoring features. The platform gives hiring teams and recruiters the tools to build workflows that enable anytime remote hiring, automate recruiting tasks, and re-use candidate data. 


Gamified-assessments (or game-based psychometric assessments or gamified-recruitments) are now becoming common for employers to screen through thousands of applications in search of the best-fit candidate. As a result, standard tests such as verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, situational judgement tests and personality tests are being moved onto gamified platforms. This offers a more engaging and realistic experience for job seekers and provides employers with thousands of behavioral data points that can be used for a more focused selection.

THE TALENT GAMES platform helps HR teams to digitize and gamify recruitment processes, and enables them to attract, engage and assess the right Millennial talent. They also provide a cutting-edge assessment technology that combines AI with the latest in neuroscience to allow companies to engage top millennial talent at scale, resulting in better matches and improved employee performance.  


Background checks too have gone online, and such apps can provide pre-employment screening solutions to ensure the authenticity of new hires’ stated backgrounds; help streamline the screening process; and organize the data collected. Typical features include providing a variety of checks, track the status of checks in real time, facilitate direct communication between candidate and screeners, securely store and protect all background check results, and can integrate with a large suite of HR software.

AVVANZ is a technology-based employee lifecycle management company, with key features such as background checks, company due diligence, new joiner onboarding and integration, among other aspects. Avvanz’ automated Background Screening process offers a quick and hassle-free account setup, cost effective checks in a short turn-around-time, stringent information security framework, and comprehensive Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Framework to protect client organization.



Health & Wellness technology platforms help to efficiently develop and deliver wellness programs; accurately assess health risks of employees; and even motivate and engage employees. These platforms can track participation levels, as well as share Insights / ROI of such programs. Research findings linking improved employee wellbeing with productivity, and the recent pandemic crisis have accelerated the discussion on Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health in a “remote working” scenario. 

Leading platforms such as REWARDZoffer best-in-class customized solutions that Connect, Engage, Recognize, Reward, Appreciate & Motivate employees on a single platform. Rewardz helps organizations roll out wellness initiatives, create awareness, promote wellbeing, monitor the program’s success, and continuously improvise based on employee feedback.


With the rise of “remote working”, it is now essential for organizations to look at Employee Communication tools (beyond just emails) and activities that boost employee engagement. Especially in the current context, when the leadership team needs to have an open and continuous communication with employees, such tools can be hugely beneficial by gauging employee mood and feedback wherever they are; and auto-recommend action items to improve engagement levels.

Apps such as BEEKEEPER are now in demand to ensure that the Leadership team is on the same page as the employees. Beekeeper’s employee communication platform integrates the non-desk workforce with the rest of the organization in real-time by connecting operational systems & communication channels within one secure, intuitive interface (both through mobile and desktop devices). Beekeeper also includes an intelligent analytics dashboard to help improve internal communication and streamline business processes.


Performance management software helps organizations establish employee performance standards and enables managers to evaluate an employee’s job performance in relation to these standards. Performance management systems are used to manage employee progress, performance, and development in relation to organizational goals.

SYNERGITA offers an agile performance management framework to enable employee development through continuous performance discussions, goals management, achievement updates, annual appraisals, and recognition. Apart from essential features like 360-degree feedback, and periodic reviews, it allows the organization to automate employee engagement via email which enables effective follow ups and reduces administration effort spent by the HR department during the performance management cycles.


Digital rewards are incentives to increase employee engagement with employees by integrating formal reward and recognition systems into online employee benefits portals. Digital rewards and benefits platforms offer flexible programs that are easy to use ensuring wider reach and higher employee engagement levels. Such staff recognition schemes could include employee-nominated training and development, digital gift cards, and experiential and lifestyle-based rewards that can be claimed and monitored seamlessly through a portal.

XOXODAY PLUM is an API driven digital rewards platform that automates rewards, incentives, and gifting. The storefront has a global catalogue of 20,000+ options with 5,000+ experiences, 2000+ gift cards and 10,000+ perks. Plum offers reward distribution modes like sending bulk vouchers via emails, generation of bulk voucher codes, distribution through APIs and physical rewards delivery.



Micro-learning is centered on the idea that bite-sized, individualized training can be retrieved anytime and anywhere by employees (including from their mobile devices). Learning at their own pace, it enables employees to digest information they need when they need it. They also keep employees updated with latest information, eliminating the investment of time and money required for traditional classroom training.

TEAMIE is a cloud based social learning platform that drives collaboration, enhances educator productivity & institution performance. Teamie creates a private, structured social learning network, and connects different stakeholders (such as students, teachers, parents, and administrators) on a common platform with features such as whiteboard, integrated Learning Management System (LMS) and reporting. Teamie can be accessed through web browsers & mobile apps (iOS & Android), and thus extends a classroom beyond physical boundaries.



Organizations can use cloud based HRMS apps to effectively manage the HR function, end-to-end. The new-age HRM suites can be customized and organized according to organizational needs. They help companies manage and streamline key administrative and strategic tasks (including aspects such as overseeing the employee system of record, recruitment, performance management, and corporate training initiatives).

Through their cloud and mobile-based HRMS platform, popular HRM systems such as BIPO help companies transform and scale their HR operations with ease, while achieving business goals related to cost and profitability.


A chatbot automates automate human conversations to answer employee answer queries instantly, based on a pre-set list of rules and algorithms. Chatbots make use of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to mimic the human conversations. They help HR teams “do more with less” by seamlessly responding to large volume queries (especially repetitive queries that employees prefer to ask directly rather than look-up by themselves).

A popular AI based Chat Bot that serves as a “HR Buddy” for employees is JINIE by PEOPLESTRONG. Jinie takes care of inbound enquiries, instantly answering FAQ type questions and passes any further queries it can’t handle to the relevant HR member for their unique human expertise. By integrating into the intranet or website backend, Jinie helps employee get information on a range of areas such as leave management; employee info from a centralized database; learning management; sickness monitoring; and performance tracking. Jinie can also be integrated with Office 365 and can work as a recruitment assistant.

This blog focuses on the HRTech apps that are listed on the marketplace. To facilitate the readers in gathering more information about these providers, we have provided the links for the providers to their respective pages in the marketplace.TALENT ACQUISITION

About the author :

Swechha Mohapatra (IHRP-CP, Associate CIPD) is a Senior Consultant – Digital HR at and has over 7 years of global experience in various Talent functions. She is a passionate HRTech evangelist and an avid learner who is certified Six Sigma-Green Belt with a background of MBA (Specialization in HR and IT) and Master’s in Labor Laws and Labor Welfare.

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