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4 Biggest HR Tech Trends in 2022

To help you better prepare your organisation for changes in the HR world, we’ll talk about the most important HR tech trends in 2022.

by Anbu Packirisamy, Founder & Director, Adaptive Pay

The day some of us thought would never come has arrived; the day we transition into the post-COVID-19 world.

As is true for most transitions, this one requires a number of adjustments for everyone involved. For instance, HR leaders now need to break old mindsets to adapt to the change.

Gone are the days when HR always assumed that employees were most productive only when in the office. We can now use digital technologies to enable remote work.

To help you better prepare your own organisation for changes in the HR world, we’ll talk about the most important HR tech trends in 2022.

1. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI has been getting bigger and better every year. We’ve seen its use in everything from genomic research to search engines, so it’s not very surprising that it’s in HR too.

Among other things, some programs now use AI to automate key HR processes. These include things like analysing employee performance data for assessing prospective employees.

AI is also used now in HR chatbots and virtual assistants. These not only allow HR teams to get a better measure of employee sentiment but help provide better employee support.

2. Real-time Employee Data

Real-time data is huge. It is the timely employee data and analytics, which can contribute to smarter decisions.

More and more front-line managers want to get data on their people for this reason. A growing trend is for managers to put people at the centre of operational decision-making.

Real-time data strengthens managerial capacity. Paired with AI, another rising trend in HR software in Singapore, it can lead to quicker pattern identification.

3. HR Tools to Assist Hybrid Working

The hybrid work model is here to stay. It’s not just that many employees prefer it – it’s also that a lot of organisations have found it to benefit productivity.

It helps HRs a lot. That’s because a big part of employee experience relies on employees being able to get quick responses from HR and other leaders.

Cloud technology, a key feature in most HR tech now, enables this. Cloud-based HR systems even permit parties to get instantaneous receipts and updates on mobile.

4. Companies Investing in Employee Wellness

One of the most important shifts in the workplace has been in how businesses view mental health and well-being. 

Nowadays, more people understand how vital these are to employee productivity, satisfaction, and of course, business success.

Because of this, people now think that companies have a responsibility to look after employees’ mental health. In a survey cited by the Harvard Business Review, 91% of respondents said company culture should support mental health.

The same article notes that good mental health at the workplace contributes to lower attrition rates and higher productivity. 

So, it’s unsurprising to see how many companies are now trying to provide for it, whether in the form of company counselling or subsidised therapy.

A Last Word on 2022’s Top HR Trends

It bears noting that most of these trends are more or less interrelated. 

Real-time employee data synergises with AI for better insights. Employee wellness programmes are being integrated with hybrid work setups to account for the displacement people feel in new systems.

You can even find some HR software that makes use of elements from all four trends. Adaptive Pay’s all-in-one solution is a good example, facilitating nearly all of them.

So, if you want to simplify your HR processes while staying abreast of the latest HR technology, look into tools that acknowledge these new processes and developments. Try Adaptive Pay, to begin with!

About the author : 

Anbu Packirisamy, Over 30 years experience and 15+ years in HR Tech space. Developed award winning HR Solutions AdaptivePay. Expert in development & implementation of cloud based business solutions. 2021 Entrepreneur 100 Award winner.

About Adaptive Pay:

Adaptive Pay is a Singapore-based technology company committed to providing business-class IT solutions to achieve customer needs. Started in 2013, it has grown to develop multiple cloud-based business applications for various industries.

Adaptive Pay HRMS solutions catered for Singapore SME’s and it is their GO DIGITAL pre-approved PSG solution. It comes with complete suite modules to cater to the HR needs of a company. The module includes comprehensive Personnel Management, Payroll Management, Leave Management, Claim Management, Attendance System, and Appraisal System. It is a cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere and any device. The Adaptive Pay mobile app enables employees to manage their attendance, leave, claim & payslips. The Adaptive Pay Admin Mobile app helps the managers approve their employees’ requests for leave & claims.

Adaptive’s other solution is ADAPTIVE BIZAPP, which is a customizable ERP solution for various industries including Wholesale & Distribution, Construction & Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Educational Institutions. The development team is well experienced in developing Web-based & app-based business applications. Their customized applications are user-friendly and easy-to-use and their fully integrated solutions are supported by multiple devices.

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