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5 Culture Trends for 2022

When the workplace is rapidly evolving, understanding the corporate culture trends will be essential for Business and HR Leaders to prepare their employees to be flexible, adaptable, and engaging to provide best-in-class “employee experience.”

by Sanika Sarmalkar,  Junior Consultant,

Stepping into 2022, organizations and leaders are struggling to plan for an uncertain future. In such a scenario, when the workplace is rapidly evolving, understanding the corporate culture trends for 2022 will be essential for Business and HR Leaders to prepare their employees to be flexible, adaptable, and engaging to provide best-in-class “employee experience.”

Changing workplace dynamics and increasing adoption of HR technology has given impetus to various workplace culture trends in Singapore and across the world. Here are the top 5 Corporate Culture Trends for 2022, as highlighted in a recently published O.C. Tanner whitepaper that makes for a great read.

Flexibility Rules: 

Currently, organizations across Singapore are adopting different types of work models – remote or hybrid – to offer greater work flexibility to their workforce. When you survey a pool of employees regarding the model they are most comfortable with, you get different results.
The main factors of their choices are driven by their behavior, productivity, and creativity levels. Employees are more productive when they are given the autonomy of flexibility.
For this to happen, organizations need to embrace the employee experience trends by offering flexible work models and devising strategies for employee career development, collaboration, and interaction.

Rebuilding Connection: 

After almost two years of disruption due to the pandemic, bonds between the employees and the organization must be rebuilt and strengthened, as one in three employees feel disconnected from their leaders and colleagues.
This situation calls for organizations to rethink the role of HR and come up with various HR initiatives for employee inclusion, well-being, and recognition. Although the workplace trends in 2022 will be dominated by remote and flexible work culture, effective measures should be taken to build and nurture bonds with employees in a remote environment.

Revisiting Engagement: 

Engagement is no longer a reliable metric to predict business outcomes as it has been replaced with ‘Great Work’ leading to more retention, innovation, and strong workplace cultures. Every employee can perform well and portray great work irrespective of employee persona.
It is important to understand that employees have different behavior patterns when it comes to showcasing their great work efforts. There are five types of great work behaviors – socializers, taskers, builders, coasters, achievers.
The year 2022 will witness a transformed approach towards employee engagement with work trends that consider various behavior patterns.

Highly Personalized Recognition:

Employee recognition helps to increase their motivation levels and give them a sense of connection and belonging. Employees portraying different work behaviors generally tend to have a different perception of recognition.
Organizations can encourage their leaders to introduce new social tools, integrations and awards systems to create meaningful and unbiased recognition moments for their employees. Implementing personalized employee recognition will help you attract and retain top talent.
This corporate culture trend will help organisations in Singapore curb the attrition rate and improve business productivity.

Technology’s Exploding Role in Building Culture:

Technology is proving to be the driving force behind strengthening the workplace culture in Singapore. With strategic use of HR technology, organisations can keep their employees engaged, motivated and highly productive.

Final Word:

Singapore will experience many workplace trends that are driven by HR technology and are primarily focused on improving the employee experience and offering flexibility to employees. These trends will help organisations develop an engaged, productive and most importantly, a happy workforce. 

For deeper insights about these 5 corporate culture trends for 2022, head out to the whitepaper here.

About the author :

Sanika Sarmalkar is part of the Digital HR Advisory & Consulting team at With a Masters in HRM and a background in creative content writing, she is a HRTech evangelist who aims to encourage Enterprise HR Teams to adopt new-age HRTech solutions, and thereby enable their transition into becoming a Strategic HR Business Partner.

About the company :

We are a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Advisory & Consulting firm, enabling Workplace & Workforce Transformations to deliver strong Business & HR outcomes. Our singular vision is to create a TECH-DRIVEN and DATA-CENTRIC HR ECOSYSTEM for driving successful Workplace & Talent Transformations that will enable Organizations to grow and HR teams to become Strategic Business Partners.

Set up in 2018, we have been working with top-tier Enterprise and Start-up clients in their Digital Transformation of their HR function by providing best-in-class, end-to-end HR Technology (HRTech) domain services. As Talent Advisors and HRTech Advocates, we always ensure that all aspects of the CHRO’s transformation agenda are kept in mind during the entire journey.


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