11 Best HR Reporting Software For Analytics & Management [2024]

With so many HR reporting software programs available, it can be challenging to find the right one for your team.

But worry no more—in this guide, we’ll share a list of 11 best HR reporting softwares with their features, limitations, pricing, and other relevant insights to help you make an informed decision.

Keep reading till the end to find out your perfect pick.

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What Is An HR Reporting Software?

HR reporting software is a tool that helps HR teams understand all the data they have. It takes information about employees, like their job titles, pay, and performance reviews, and turns it into easy-to-understand reports and charts.

Some important things HR reporting software can do:

  • Pull together data from different places, like your payroll and benefits systems.

  • Create custom reports on things like employee turnover, training completion rates and more.

  • Make interactive dashboards with charts and graphs to help spot trends and patterns.

  • Automatically send reports to managers and executives on a regular basis.

How To Choose The Best HR Reporting Software

Here are the top 5 things to look for while selecting the best HR reporting software:

  1. Ease of use – The software should be easy for your team to learn and use every day. Look for a user-friendly interface and good customer support.

  2. Integration with your existing systems – Make sure the software can pull in data from all the HR tools you already use, like your HRIS, payroll, and performance management systems.

  3. Customization options – Every HR team has different reporting needs. Look for software that lets you create custom reports and dashboards to fit your unique requirements.

  4. Automation features – Save time by choosing software that can automatically generate and send reports on a schedule.

  5. Security and compliance – It is also important to make sure the software has strong security features and complies with relevant laws and regulations.

11 Best HR Reporting Software For Analytics And Management

#1. BambooHR – Best For All-In-One HR Reporting And Analytics


Overall Score: 4.9/5 

Pricing: Exact pricing details available via custom quote

BambooHR is a well-known HR software that has been making HR tasks easier since 2008.

We chose it as our top pick in the HR reporting and analytics category specifically because it has many solid features related to HR reporting. Plus, it’s easy to use and has  great customer support.

Key HR Reporting Of BambooHR:

  • Quick HR Report Generation – Comes with 49 in-built reports to easily make HR reports in just a few clicks, saving time and effort.

  • Easy-To-Use Dashboards – Personalized insights for admins, executives, managers, and employees. And that means everyone can easily spot the data that matters the most to them.

  • Employee Self-Service – Employees can check and update their own information which makes reporting simpler, saves HR time and keeps data accurate.

Integrations: Lattice, 15Five, Deel, Deputy, Employee Cycle, Payroll Harmony, Slack, Google, Indeed, and more.


  • Payroll features alone are a bit limited (That’s why most HR professionals use BambooHR for onboarding, employee management, and reporting along with an additional software integration for payroll).

  • For exact pricing details, you need to contact their sales department.

Best For:

​BambooHR is a great choice for small to medium businesses that want an all-in-one HR reporting and analytics solution that’s easy to use. It simplifies HR tasks, saves time and resources, and helps you make decisions based on data.

>> Learn More About BambooHR

#2. Rippling – Best Easy-To-Scale HR Reporting And Payroll Software


Overall Score: 4.5/5

Pricing: Starts at $8/month per employee

Rippling is an all-in-one HR, IT, and Finance tool that has been making work life easier since 2016.

Using Rippling is simple, and they have lots of guides, videos, and a helpful support team to answer your questions.

We picked it because it’s quite easy to scale up with add ons and has good integration options.

Key HR Reporting Of Rippling:

  • Ready-to-Use and Custom Reports – Rippling has lots of reports ready for you to use, and you can also make your own reports for free. This means you can get the data you want in the way you like it.

  • Data from Everywhere – Rippling takes employee data from all over the place – HR, IT, Finance, and even other apps – and puts it all in one spot. This saves you time and trouble when dealing with data.

  • Easy Data Work – With Rippling, you can filter, dig deeper, group, and do more with your data to find answers to tricky questions. You don’t need to be a data expert or use extra tools.

Integrations: Quickbooks, Xero, Greenhouse, Jira, Zendesk, Google Workspace, Guthub, and more


  • Setting up workflows and getting used to the platform can take some time.

  • Can be slightly expensive as  you upgrade to higher levels with more features.

Best For:

​Rippling is a great choice for small to medium-sized businesses that want a powerful HR tool with strong reporting features. Its ability to bring together data from many places and offer flexible reporting makes it perfect for making decisions based on data.

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#3. Paycor – Best For Data-Driven Analysis And Benchmarking


Overall Score: 4.2/5

Pricing: Exact pricing details available via custom quote

Paycor has been in the industry for over three decades now – popular for its payroll solutions.

From employee database management, payroll management to ATS (Applicant Tracking System), reporting and analytics – it takes care of all.

We like its deep analytics features that allows you to do benchmarking of metrics and doing competitive analysis.

Key HR Reporting Of Paycor:

  • AI Analytics – Just ask a few simple questions, and Paycor’s smart AI software will dig through all the numbers to give you the exact insights you need. It makes understanding your HR data super easy!

  • Solid Benchmarking – With the benchmarking facility, you can compare your data with other competitor data and see how your company is doing. This helps in better data analysis and strategic planning.

  • Deep Insights – The deeper insights allow you to get detailed insights on how your company’s turnover rates, and other key metrics are doing. Plus, there is also predictive analysis that compares historical data and suggests relevant patterns and insights so that you can work on them at the right time.

Integrations: Benefit Resource, 15Five, EverCheck, Lattice, Indeed, and more (API integration available which means you can also connect with other softwares that support API integration)


  • Costly to set up because of the additional setup fees.

  • Customer support could be slightly less response sometimes.

Best For:

Paycor is best for small-medium businesses with detailed reporting features and payroll needs.

Although setting up Paycor can be a bit pricey, and sometimes customer support might take a little longer to get back to you. But overall, Paycor is a good choice for businesses that want to make informed data-driven decisions.

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#4. Factorial – Best Budget-Friendly HR Reporting And Analytics Software


Overall Score: 4.4/5

Pricing: Starts at just $4.50/month per employee

Factorial is an all-in-one HR tool that has been helping companies manage their people better since 2016. We like its HR reporting features and performance management features. Plus, the user interface is simple and there isn’t much of a learning curve. 

Key HR Reporting Of Factorial:

  • Custom Reports – You can make custom reports using any relevant data and the format you prefer. This means you can get the exact information you need to make smarter choices.

  • HR Reports and Analytics Dashboard – Factorial gives you a special place to keep all your reports. You can change it to fit your needs and keep all your data up-to-date easily.

  • Time-Off and Attendance Tracking – You can make reports to track when people are off work or how many hours they’ve worked. This helps you spot trends and make good business decisions.

Integrations: Slack, Indeed, Microsoft Teams, Payflow, Zapier, and more


  • Some modules are not in-depth enough.

  • Scaling is not as flexible as other HR softwares.

Best For:

It’s best for small businesses and medium-sized companies that need easy-to-use HR reporting solutions.

While it comes with all the essential features, you might need an integration with other softwares especially for payroll or other specialized features. But just for reporting, analytics, and basic functions, Factorial is a great choice – starting at an affordable price range.

>> Learn More About Factorial

#5. Trakstar – Best For Learning And Development Reporting


Overall Score: 4.1/5

Pricing: Exact pricing details available via custom quote

Trakstar is a well-known HR tool that’s been helping over 3,000 companies for more than 20 years. It made it to our top HR reporting software list because of its unique reporting features related to learning and development.

Key HR Reporting Of Trackstar:

  • Trainee Status Report – It allows you to check how your employees are doing in their training and track their progress overtime.

  • Course Report – This is a helpful feature that allows you to check the effectiveness of any training material by showing you completion rate and time taken to complete the course. This data can further help you create more optimized courses and training materials.

  • Quiz Report—A quiz is one of the easiest assessment techniques for analyzing your employees’ learnings from the training. The quiz results can help you understand the effectiveness of the training material and make tweaks accordingly.

Integrations: Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Shopify, Checkr, Salesforce, ADP Workforce Now, Paylocity, and more.


  • Only offers learning reports and performance management features. For payroll and other HR tasks, you’ll need a separate solution.

  • Scope of improvement in the workflow setup and user interface.

Best For:

It’s ideal for companies looking for HR reporting software with training and performance management features. 

It gives you detailed reports on how your learning and development programs are doing, so you can make smart decisions and form better training materials for your employees.

>> Learn More About Trakstar

#6. Visier – Best Feature-Packed HR Reporting And Analytics Software


Overall Score: 4.6/5

Pricing: Exact pricing details available via custom quote

Visier is a people analytics HR software that’s been helping 25,000+ customers understand their workforce data since 2010.

We like its detailed analytics and reporting features, especially its AI chatbot that makes employee data analysis as easy as asking a few questions.

Key HR Reporting Of Visier:

  • AI Powered Assistance – Get essential insights and HR reports in just a few seconds by asking the right questions to its AI assistant, Vee.

  • Easy Data Management—Visier’s easy data management solutions save time and effort on data handling. They clean up all the unwanted data and organize the analytics so that you can focus only on the insights that matter the most.

  • Pre-Built Analytics And Questions – Spend less time figuring out what to measure and analyze with pre-built templates of more than 2000 questions and analytics.

Integrations: Greenhouse, Workday, Oracle, UKG, Google Workspace, Zoom, ADP, Jira, and more.


  • Slight learning curve present as there are a lot of options to learn to make the best use of the tool.

  • Not an all-in-one HR solution so you’ll need separate solutions for tasks other than HR analytics and reporting.

Best For:

With a huge library of questions, features that make data easier to manage, and insights powered by AI, Visier is one of the best feature-packed HR reporting software. If you’re looking for a specialized HR reporting and analytics software with solid features, this is the best option.

>> Learn More About Visier

#7. Just Works – Best User-Friendly HR Reporting And Analytics


Overall Score: 4.2/5

Pricing: Starts at $59/month per employee

Just Works is another great HR software that has been helping companies since 2012.

It is a cloud HR software solution with all essential HRIS (Human Resource Information System) features.

We like this software especially for its easy to use interface and simple reporting and analytics.

Key HR Reporting Of Just Works:

  • Easy Access To Data – Just like all other HR reporting softwares, with Just Works you can get all the data in one spot. This saves time and helps in doing better data analysis.

  • Custom Reports – With multiple pre-built reports on things like headcount, compensation, turnover, and others you can get the data quickly without starting from scratch.

  • Workforce Insights – Make informed decisions on hiring, pay, benefits, and more with in-depth workforce insights and important trends.

Integrations: Quickbooks, JazzHR, Greenhouse, Xero, NetSuite, and more.


  • Expensive than other HR reporting softwares.

  • Customer service can be a bit slow at times.

Best For:

If you’re looking for a combo of Payroll software with HR analytics, and don’t mind paying a bit extra than other competitor softwares for better user experience, then Just Works is definitely a great choice.

>> Learn More About Just Works

#8. Crunchr – Best AI-Powered Analytics And Reporting


Overall Score: 4.4/5

Pricing: Exact pricing details available via custom quote

Crunchr is a smart people analytics platform that’s been helping companies make better decisions about their workforce since 2014. It’s popular because it’s easy to use and can pull data from many different HR systems into one place.

Key HR Reporting Of Crunchr:

  • Custom Analytics – Quickly get valuable insights without building reports from scratch with pre-built metrics and custom analytics dashboard.

  • AI-Powered Analytics – Crunchr has a smart assistant that uses AI that guides you with suggestions on what to analyze based on your data. No more worrying about special analytical skills or training.

  • Automatic Data Collection – Saves time and effort in gathering and preparing reports through its automated data collection system.

Integrations: Workday, SAP, Oracle, and other HR systems


  • It is mainly an analytics and workforce planning software. That means for payroll and other features, you need a separate solution.

  • Some modules can be improved further with more detailed features.

Best For:

Crunchr is a good choice as an AI powered people analytics software solutions for small and medium sized companies.

Note that it’s not an all-in-one HR tool so that’s something worth considering. But overall, it has all the essential HR reporting and analytics features you need for better strategic planning and analysis.

>> Learn More About Crunchr

#9.  Paychex – Best HR Reporting Software With Payroll Processing


Overall Score: 4.3/5

Pricing: Starts at $39 base fee with $5/employee per month

Paychex is a well-known HR and payroll service provider that’s been helping businesses manage their people and finances since 1971. Over 730,000 companies trust Paychex for its wide-range of tools and services, all in one place.

Key HR Reporting Of Paychex:

  • Detailed Analytics – Paychex gives you lots of reports and charts that show you important info about your workforce, like turnover rates, labor costs, and more. This helps you make smart decisions for your business.

  • Customizable Reports – You can make your own reports in Paychex, so you get exactly the data you need. Choose what info to include, how to sort it, and even set up reports to run automatically.

  • Benchmarking – Paychex lets you compare your company’s data to other businesses in your industry or area. This shows you how you’re doing and where you might need to improve.

Integrations: Quickbooks, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, Greenhouse, Indeed, GoCo, and more


  • User interface can feel overwhelming at times.

  • It can take some time initially to get used to the software and learn all the processes.

Best For:

It’s a suitable option for medium to large-scale companies that want an all-in-one platform for HR, payroll, and reporting. From easy employee hiring, onboarding, to detailed analytics and reports, you get everything you need – in a single platform.

>> Learn More About Paychex

#10. Workday – Best For Large Enterprises And Global Workforce Management


Overall Score: 4.6/5

Pricing: Available via custom quote

Workday is a cloud-based HR and finance software that’s been helping big companies manage their HR processes since 2004.

Lots of well-known brands use Workday because it can handle complex HR tasks and works well for businesses with employees all over the world.

Key HR Reporting Of Workday:

  • Tons of Built-In Reports and Dashboards – Workday comes with over 5,000 pre-made reports and 175+ dashboards that show you important HR data, like headcount, diversity, skills, and more. This saves you time and effort in creating reports from scratch.

  • Customizable Reports – If you need something specific, you can make your own reports and dashboards in Workday. It also has a drag-and-drop tool that lets you build custom data visualizations to answer key business questions without any coding.

  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning – Workday uses AI and machine learning to find patterns and trends in your HR data. It can help you spot trends related to retention, hiring, talent performance, and more so that you can find areas of improvement and do better strategic planning.

Integrations: ADP, Benevity, BetterCloud, SnapLogic, Talend, Zylo, and more


  • Workday is designed for big companies, so it might be too complex and expensive for small businesses.

  • Because Workday has so many features, it can take some time to set up and learn how to use everything.

Best For:

Overall, Workday is a great choice for large enterprises that need a powerful, global HR solution.

With its advanced analytics, compliance features, and AI-powered insights, Workday helps you manage your workforce effectively and make data-driven decisions at scale.

>> Learn More About Workday

#11. Gusto – Best HR Reporting Software For Small Businesses


Overall Score: 4.7/5

Pricing: Starts at $40/month (and $6/month for each employee)

Gusto is a popular HR and payroll platform that’s been helping small businesses take care of their teams for over 10 years.

Over 300,000 companies have used Gusto to streamline their HR processes. We picked it specifically for its decent pricing and all-in-one features.

Key HR Reporting Features:

  • Employee Surveys – Gusto sends your team members anonymous surveys each month to see how they’re feeling and spot any issues early. You can check how responses change over time and take action to keep your people happy.

  • Custom Reports – Make informed decisions quickly with the help of custom report templates that show exactly what you need.

  • Workforce Costing – This feature allows you to see where your workforce costs are going with detailed reports on time spent on projects and other necessary details. It allows you to ensure your projects run profitable and sustainable.


  • While Gusto is great for small businesses, larger companies with complex needs will find its features limiting.

  • Customer service can be slow at times.

Best For:

Overall, Gusto is an excellent choice for small businesses that want HR reporting and analytics with good payroll functions.

As your company grows, some features will start feeling limited and at that time, you might have to upgrade to other enterprise grade HR solutions. But considering the price range and the features you get, it’s one of the best software for small businesses.

>> Learn more about Gusto


So, what’s the best HR Reporting Software? Here are our top picks in each segment:

  • For small businesses – Gusto, BambooHR, and Factorial

  • For medium-sized businesses – Rippling, Paycor, and Crunchr

  • For large-scale businesses – Workday, Visier, and Paychex

When selecting an HR reporting software, look for key features like customizable reports, data integration, and AI-powered insights.

Also, consider factors like ease of use, customer support, and pricing to find the best fit for your needs.

At hrtech, we’re here to help you transform your HR processes with the right technology solutions. Explore our marketplace to find out the perfect HR tech softwares for your company. 


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