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Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining Top Tech Talent

Despite the recent layoffs by big firms, tech hiring isn’t on a slowdown. According to Indeed, a job listing site, 15 of the top 20 jobs listed this year were for technology roles. The problem, however, is the gap in the demand and supply of qualified tech candidates, which makes identifying top talent and retaining it a key challenge for organizations.

Along with making the right hiring decision, ensuring your employees stay in the organization is critical to the continuity of your product roadmap. When employees have been working for an organization long-term, they understand the procedures involved in day-to-day functioning. A tenured employee is also more dedicated to the organization, driving growth and profit. An organization that has retained its workforce for a longer period indicates a good work environment and establishes a strong employer brand.

Best Strategies for Hiring and Retaining Tech Talent

The advent of hybrid work has accelerated the digitization of hiring strategies and compelled companies to adopt the latest technology that can help hire and retain tech talent better. The interviews, assessments, onboarding and employee development have been digitized end-to-end. Here are the top strategies companies can easily deploy to hire and retain top technical talent:

Build a Strong Employer Brand

Having the right candidates in the funnel can help tech companies save hiring costs in the long run. Communicating the brand and showcasing its work culture attracts the right candidates for your teams. Popular branding exercises include an interactive careers page, hackathons that engage wider communities, and the practice of delivering the right content that showcases your culture and values. In addition, authentic brand content is crucial and does not require high investments, for e.g., sharing content about the journey of your engineering and tech teams, pictures that showcase your culture, etc.

Identify and Develop Talent Using Secure, Accurate Assessments

Successful tech organizations use skills assessments to make the right recruitment decisions and upskill the current workforce. Hence, AI-based proctoring solutions that provide both human-based and AI-based proctoring, and a secure exam browser, are essential. Mercer | Mettl’s I/O, one of the best role-based assessment platforms, ensures you identify the right developers for your teams. Mercer Mettl offers a range of other assessment tools, including talent assessments, coding skills tests, advanced coding simulators, and online coding interviews, all of which make the tech hiring process more accurate.

Hire, Engage and Innovate Through Hackathons

A hackathon is an event where teams or individuals try and find solutions to complex challenges. It allows recruiters to identify talent through an interactive platform that adds value to their organization. Hackathons also showcase the company culture to a wider audience, enabling the organization to pitch itself as a prospective employer while engaging with the tech community.  

Mercer | Mettl’s Xathon platform automates the entire hackathon organizing process, making it easier for companies to conduct the event seamlessly. 

Make Data-Driven People Decisions;

Predictive analytics play an important role in understanding candidates’ future job performance and career aspirations. Data is key to hiring the right talent and helping your current workforce upskill itself.  Organizations can create personalized career paths for their tech employees by collecting and analyzing employee survey data and performance metrics. They can conduct dedicated learning and development programs to bridge skill gaps and help them succeed.

Develop from Within, Help Your Workforce Flourish

A clear career path can help your employees stay long-term and perform better. Hence, it is essential to continue to assess and help the workforce grow through learning opportunities in accordance with their career goals. Organizations with a strong learning culture are 92% more likely to develop innovative products.


In today's highly competitive job market, companies seeking skilled tech professionals must take a scientific and proactive approach to talent acquisition and retention. With the increasing battle for tech talent, the power dynamic has shifted, and candidates are evaluating companies just as closely as companies are considering them. Deploying best talent practices and using superior tools can help organizations stay relevant.

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About the Author:

Mercer Mettl measure talent to help companies Build Winning Teams! It’s our firm belief that for companies to survive & thrive in this disrupted world, the only possible way is to Hire, Develop and Engage the sharpest talent and give them the freedom to rethink every process of value creation.

Mercer | Mettl offers the following scientific assessments to assess talent holistically. The assessments secured using its AI-based proctoring technology.

● Psychometric assessments to assess key personality traits

● Behavioural assessments to gain insights into candidates’ real work behaviours

● Cognitive assessments to find candidates with high mental aptitude

● Coding assessments and simulators to find the best coders

Domain assessments to hire talent with in-depth functional knowledge.

Communication skills assessments to hire talent with the desired communication skills

Apart from the same, they offer various digital tools for employee engagement, organisational development and recruitment.

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