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50 Best Recruitment Software In 2024

Looking for the best recruitment software in 2024? In this guide, we share our top 50 picks suitable for every budget, company size, and needs. Find out more!
50 Best Recruitment Software

Choosing the right recruitment software can be a real headache as there are so many options out there.

Plus, every year, there’s some new software in the market.

So it becomes even more challenging to know which one will really make your life easier.

That’s why we’ve created this in-depth list of 50 best recruitment softwares in 2024.

We know that you’re looking for something that’s affordable, user-friendly, integrates well with your current systems, and can grow with your company.

Here’s our top picks out of the 50 best recruiting software covered in this guide:

Recruitment Software:Best For:Pricing:
Recruit CRMRecruitment CRMFree trial available, Starts at $30 per month per user
ZappyhireRecruitment AutomationAvailable on request
TalentRecruitAI-Powered ATSAvailable on request
SmartRecruitersHigh-Volume RecruitingAvailable on request
JazzHRAffordable ATS14-days free trial, starts at $75/month
LiveHireInternal MobilityAvailable on request
KekaStartupsFree trial available, starts at $20 per month
Employment HeroGrowing CompaniesFree plan available (limited), Starts at 
ADPLarge EnterpriseAvailable on request
CeipalRecruitment And Staffing AgenciesAvailable on request

Keep reading till the end to explore more software solutions.

What Is A Recruitment Software?

A recruitment software is a tool that helps companies find, attract, and hire the best candidates for their open positions.

It automates and simplifies various stages of the recruitment process, from job posting and applicant tracking to interview scheduling and candidate communication.

Recruitment software offers several key benefits:

  • Saves time by automating repetitive tasks like resume screening and interview scheduling.
  • Improves candidate quality by using AI-powered matching and assessments.
  • Enhances candidate experience with timely communication and a smooth application process.
  • Provides data-driven insights to improve your recruiting processes.

So that’s about the software and its benefits.

Now, let’s take a look at the essential features to consider while selecting the right software for recruitment.

Key Features To Look For In A Recruitment Software

Here are some of the top factors to consider in a recruitment software:

  • Job Posting (ATS-related features)
  • Resume Parsing and Screening
  • Candidate Communication Tools (CRM-related features)
  • Assessments
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Collaborative Tools
  • In-Depth Reporting And Analytics
  • Mobile App Support
  • Integration WIth Other Tools
  • AI-Powered Candidate Matching

When considering these features, think about your specific hiring needs and priorities.

For example, if you have a high volume of applicants, AI-powered resume screening will be essential.

If you struggle with candidate drop-off, a mobile-friendly application process is crucial.

Also, consider the ease of use and customization options for each feature.

The best recruitment software will offer user-friendly interfaces and the flexibility for your unique hiring workflows.

Finally, evaluate the software’s track record and customer support.

Look for a provider with a proven history of helping companies like yours improve their hiring efficiency. And ensure they offer responsive, knowledgeable support to help you get the most out of the software.

Most companies offer demos and free trials to get the feel of how the software works. Use those opportunities to get a complete overview of how the software works.

Our Selection Process:

At hrtech, we follow an in-depth selection process based on specific factors like pricing, user interface, and more so that we can help you pick the best software solution.

As you can see below, we give specific weightage to each criteria based on their importance in the decision making process.

Selection Criteria:Weight:
Features And Functionality10%
Customization Options10%
Customer Support10%

Based on these criteria, we give our scores to each software out of 5.

In our selection process, we also consider both the upsides and downsides of each software.

So, that’s a quick overview of recruitment softwares, key features to consider, and our selection process. Now, let’s dive right into our top picks!

The Best Recruitment Software In 2024

1. Recruit CRM – Best Overall Recruitment Software

Recruit CRM

Our Score: 4.5/5

Pricing: Free trial available (Paid plans start at $30 per month per user)

Recruit CRM made it to the top of our list of the best recruitment software and there are several good reasons for that. First, it offers both ATS and CRM along with an easy-to-use interface. Plus, it also comes with strong automation features and analytics.

How Recruit CRM Helps In Recruitment?

Recruit CRM offers a wide range of features to simplify every aspect of recruiting.

One standout feature is its AI-powered resume parsing and candidate matching.

The software automatically extracts key information from resumes and matches candidates to job requirements. This saves recruiters hours of manual screening time and helps identify top talent faster.

Recruit CRM also stands out at candidate relationship management.

With automated email sequences, personalized bulk messaging, and a centralized database, it’s easy to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process.

Recruit CRM Pros:

  • Combined ATS and CRM functionality for end-to-end recruitment management.
  • AI resume parsing and candidate matching to quickly identify qualified applicants.
  • Automated email sequences and personalized messaging to nurture candidate relationships.
  • Customizable pipelines, fields, and dashboards to fit unique hiring workflows.

Recruit CRM Cons:

  • Wide range of features can have a learning curve for new users.
  • Pricing is based on the number of users, which can add up for larger recruitment teams.

Who Should Pick Recruit CRM And Why?

Recruit CRM is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes that want to optimize their recruitment process and build strong candidate relationships. It’s especially valuable for companies with high-volume hiring needs or those looking to scale their recruitment efforts.

However, Recruit CRM may be too complex for small businesses with very basic hiring needs. In those cases, a simpler ATS like Zappyhire or JazzHR could be sufficient.

On the flip side, enterprise-level organizations with highly specific requirements may find Recruit CRM lacking in certain advanced features. For them, a more customizable solution like SmartRecruiters will be a better fit.

Recruit CRM is ideal for:

  • Small to mid-sized companies with consistent hiring needs
  • Recruitment agencies and staffing firms
  • Businesses looking to automate manual recruitment tasks
  • Teams that value candidate experience and relationship-building

If you want to streamline your hiring process, identify top talent faster, and engage candidates at scale, Recruit CRM is a top choice. Its powerful AI features, combined ATS/CRM functionality, and user-friendly interface makes it a great option for recruiting firms.

2. Zappyhire – Best For Recruitment Automation


Our Score: 4.9/5

Pricing: Available on request

Zappyhire is one of the best recruitment automation software used by over 17,800 companies worldwide. It helps businesses find and hire top talent quickly and efficiently.

How Zappyhire Helps In Recruitment?

Zappyhire automates many time-consuming parts of the hiring process. Its AI-powered resume screening is a key feature that sets it apart.

The intelligent resume filter scans resumes and provides a ranked list of the best candidates based on over 16 data points. This saves hours of manual screening time.

Zappyhire also offers AI assessments to evaluate candidates’ cognitive abilities and personality fit for the role. These objective insights lead to more informed hiring decisions.

Another notable feature is the recruiting chatbot. It engages candidates 24/7, answers common questions, and provides a personalized experience in over 20 languages. This improves candidate experience and frees up recruiters’ time.

Zappyhire Pros:

  • AI resume screening quickly identifies top candidates.
  • Recruiting chatbot improves candidate engagement and experience.
  • Automated interview scheduling saves time and reduces back-and-forth.
  • Collaborative hiring tools involve the whole team in the recruitment process.

Zappyhire Cons:

  • The AI features require some initial learning and setup time.
  • Lacks dedicated CRM and detailed reporting features.

Who Should Pick Zappyhire And Why?

Zappyhire is a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking to hire top talent.

Its automation features are powerful enough to simplify hiring, yet more affordable than enterprise-level tools.

However, Zappyhire may offer more than what’s needed for very small teams with minimal hiring needs. In those cases, a simpler ATS like Hiresome or JazzHR could be a better fit.

Zappyhire is best suited for:

  • Growing small businesses that need to scale hiring efficiently
  • Companies looking to use AI for smarter recruitment decisions
  • Employers wanting to provide a modern, engaging candidate experience
  • HR teams looking to reduce time-to-hire without compromising quality

Overall, for small companies that want to build strong teams, Zappyhire offers significant advantages. Its AI-driven automation enables them to find and hire top talent faster.

3. TalentRecruit – Best AI-Powered ATS


Our Score: 4.7/5

Pricing: Available on request

TalentRecruit is the best overall AI-powered ATS. Apart from offering strong AI features, it covers everything you need for recruitment.

For instance, it covers assessments, campus recruitment, diversity and inclusion features, analytics, and employee referrals.

How TalentRecruit Helps In Recruitment?

TalentRecruit offers strong candidate sourcing features and also has an employee referral platform. This makes hiring much more effective and simplified.

It also comes with an AI-powered chatbot that helps in nurturing the talent pool and keeping candidates engaged during the recruitment process.

But not only that. It also comes with CRM features helpful for staffing agencies like Recruit CRM.

In fact, features like campus recruiting, diversity and inclusion, onboarding, and offer management make TalentRecruit as one of the most feature-packed AI-powered ATS.

TalentRecruit Pros:

  • AI Chatbot for better candidate engagement.
  • Easy employee referral management system for better hiring quality.
  • AI-Powered candidate sourcing and strong resume parsing for effective recruitment.
  • Candidate assessment and feedback all in one tool.

TalentRecruit Cons:

  • Can be overwhelming as there are too many features.
  • The reporting module is not in-depth when compared to other advanced ATS.

Who Should Pick TalentRecruit And Why?

TalentRecruit offers too many features that are more than needed for small or medium-sized companies.

However, it’s a great choice for companies that are looking for a feature-packed scalable solution.

It’s ideal for:

  • Bigger companies with high-volume hiring needs
  • Growing Startups and medium-sized businesses
  • Teams focused on diversity and inclusion
  • Companies that want employee referral and automation tools

Overall, from finding candidates, to engaging them through automation and onboarding them, TalentRecruit takes care of all the steps in the recruitment flow. So if you’re looking for a feature-packed recruitment solution with a user-friendly interface, Talent Recruit is worth taking a look.

4. SmartRecruiters – Best For High-Volume Hiring


Our Score: 4.5/5

Pricing: Available on request

SmartRecruiters is an enterprise-grade recruiting platform. Founded in 2010, SmartRecruiters is one of the most popular recruiting platforms used by over 4000 businesses worldwide.

How SmartRecruiters Helps In Recruitment?

SmartRecruiters makes high-volume hiring simple. First, you can develop a standard hiring process and automate tasks. Secondly, you can set alerts to keep everyone on track.

The platform also comes with tools to enhance the candidate experience, like:

  • Recruitment chatbot for workflow automation.
  • Text recruiting for easy communication with candidates.
  • Mobile-friendly career site for better employer branding.

On top of all these features, it also comes with a strong CRM that helps in building and nurturing talent pools.

SmartRecruiters Pros:

  • Easy-to-use interface and less learning curve.
  • Integrates with over 300 different job boards.
  • Great for creating standardized hiring workflows.
  • Advanced software capable of handling high-volume recruiting.

SmartRecruiters Cons:

  • Candidate search feature could be better.
  • Customization is a bit limited compared to other softwares.

Who Should Pick SmartRecruiters And Why?

SmartRecruiters isn’t the best fit for small businesses. And it’s too advanced for simple hiring needs.

But for companies that hire at scale, SmartRecruiters is a great choice.

It’s especially good for:

  • Companies that need to fill many roles fast
  • Organizations with complex hiring processes
  • Businesses that want to give candidates a great experience
  • Enterprises that need an all-in-one talent acquisition platform

So if you consistently hire in large volumes and want a tool that easily organizes your entire recruiting workflow, SmartRecruiters is a top choice.

5. JazzHR – Best Affordable Recruitment Software


Our Score: 4.9/5

Pricing: 14-days free trial available (Paid plans start at $75/month for up to 3 active job boards)

JazzHR is a powerful recruiting software designed for small businesses. It replaces time-consuming manual tasks with automation, making hiring simpler and more efficient.

How JazzHR Helps In Recruitment?

JazzHR organizes the entire recruiting process, from job posting to candidate selection.

One standout feature is its integration with free job boards, which helps expand your reach to potential candidates without added costs.

The software also offers customizable job workflows, allowing you to customize the hiring steps to your specific needs.

This keeps the entire process organized and ensures consistency across all open positions.

Another key feature is JazzHR’s interview guides and evaluation templates. These tools provide structure to the interview process, helping you assess candidates fairly and make better hiring decisions.

But out of all, the most stand out feature about JazzHR is its affordable pricing. It starts at only $75/month for up to 3 active job boards. It’s almost half the monthly pricing of BreezyHR’s base plan!

JazzHR Pros:

  • Integrates with free job boards to increase job visibility and attract more applicants.
  • Offer management and candidate texting features available.
  • Interview guides and evaluation templates standardize the selection process.
  • Affordable pricing plans make it accessible for small businesses on a budget.

JazzHR Cons:

  • Some features like reporting and offer management are only available in the higher-tier plans.
  • Reporting capabilities are limited compared to more expensive ATS solutions.

Who Should Pick JazzHR And Why?

JazzHR is a great choice for small businesses with basic hiring needs.

However, JazzHR may not be the best fit for larger enterprises with high-volume hiring needs.

In those cases, a more comprehensive tool like ADP or SmartRecruiters would be more suitable.

JazzHR is ideal for:

  • Small companies with limited HR budgets
  • Businesses hiring for a few positions at a time
  • Teams looking to automate manual recruiting tasks
  • Employers wanting to standardize their interview and evaluation process

Overall, for small companies on a budget, and small recruiting teams looking for hiring efficiently, JazzHR is the perfect fit. It is not as feature-packed as Workable or Greenhouse, but it’s more than enough to get the work done, especially for simple hiring needs.

6. LiveHire – Best For Internal Mobility


Our Score: 4.8/5

Pricing: Available on request

LiveHire is a popular recruitment software that has been around for more than a decade. It helps companies hire the best talent while providing a great candidate experience. 

How LiveHire Helps In Recruitment?

LiveHire combines the power of an applicant tracking system (ATS) and a candidate relationship management (CRM) platform.

But what specifically makes it stand out is its internal mobility feature.

It comes with a specific set of tools that make it easy to spot any internal hiring opportunities. This can be a big advantage for those hiring teams who are looking for unique hiring opportunities while also keeping the costs low.

With LiveHire, you can also create talent pools and engage candidates via two-way SMS, keeping them warm for future opportunities. This proactive sourcing strategy ensures you always have a pipeline of qualified candidates ready to go.

Another standout feature is LiveHire’s branded talent attraction. You can showcase your employer brand and create a compelling careers site that attracts top talent. the software’s advanced analytics give you in-depth insights to continuously improve your hiring process.

LiveHire Pros:

  • Combined ATS and CRM functionality for end-to-end hiring.
  • Internal Mobility feature to find unique hiring opportunities.
  • Branded career sites showcase your employer brand.
  • Advanced analytics provide data-driven insights.

LiveHire Cons:

  • Can be overwhelming for small teams with basic needs.
  • Reporting feature is a bit limited when compared to other recruitment tools.

Who Should Pick LiveHire And Why?

LiveHire is the best pick for medium-sized to large companies, especially those who are looking for internal mobility features.

For small business and new startups though, better options include Keka and JazzHR.

LiveHire is best suited for:

  • Medium-sized companies with consistent hiring needs
  • Businesses looking to build and nurture talent pools
  • Employers wanting to enhance their brand and candidate experience
  • Organizations looking for data-driven insights to optimize hiring

Overall, LiveHire is a nice feature-packed pick, especially standing out for its ATS and CRM combination – all in one tool. For medium-sized and large-scale companies, it’s a great choice.

7. Keka – Best For Startups


Our Score: 4.6/5

Pricing: Free trial available (Paid plans starts from $20/month per recruiter)

Keka is a top HR and payroll software trusted by over 10,000 organizations worldwide. It’s an all-in-one employee experience platform that’s especially popular among startups.

How Keka Helps In Recruitment?

Keka offers a complete suite of tools to organize the hiring process. One of its key features is the seamless integration of hiring and onboarding.

With Keka’s applicant tracking system (ATS), you can easily post jobs, screen resumes, and manage candidates. Once you find the right hire, Keka’s digital onboarding tools let you welcome them aboard efficiently.

This end-to-end solution saves startups time and ensures a smooth experience for both recruiters and new hires. Plus, Keka’s user-friendly interface makes it an easy-to-implement option for growing teams.

Keka Pros:

  • All-in-one HR suite including payroll, time tracking, and performance management.
  • Seamless integration of hiring and onboarding for a smooth candidate-to-employee transition.
  • User-friendly interface ideal for startups with lean HR teams.
  • Customizable workflows to fit your unique hiring process.

Keka Cons:

  • Reporting and analytics capabilities may not meet the needs of larger organizations.
  • Comes with basic candidate engagement features, no dedicated CRM available.

Who Should Pick Keka And Why?

Keka is an excellent choice for startups and small businesses that want an affordable, all-in-one HR solution.

It’s especially valuable for companies that are growing quickly and need to scale their hiring.

However, Keka may not be the best fit for large enterprises with complex recruiting needs. In those cases, a more advanced tool like ADP or SmartRecruiters would be more suitable.

Keka is ideal for:

  • Startups and small businesses with lean HR teams
  • Companies that want to streamline hiring and onboarding
  • Organizations looking for an affordable, user-friendly HR suite
  • Businesses with simple recruiting needs

Keka’s end-to-end solution covers all the bases, from posting jobs to onboarding new hires. It’s the best feature-packed affordable pick for Startups and SMBs.

8. Employment Hero – Best For Growing Companies

 Employment Hero

Our Score: 4.3/5

Pricing: Free plan available (Paid plans starts at $8 per employee per month)

Employment Hero is an all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits platform designed for growing companies. It’s a popular choice for businesses looking to simplify their HR processes and improve the employee experience.

How Employment Hero Helps In Recruitment?

Employment Hero offers a feature-packed applicant tracking system (ATS) that simplifies the entire recruitment process.

With Employment Hero, you can manage the full employee lifecycle from a single dashboard. From attracting candidates to onboarding new hires, everything is digitized and automated.

The software also prioritizes candidate experience. Applicants can easily apply, track their status, and sign contracts digitally. This modern, user-friendly approach helps you stand out as an employer of choice.

Employment Hero Pros:

  • Comprehensive HR suite that covers recruitment, onboarding, payroll, performance management, and benefits administration.
  • Easy-to-use ATS with customizable job postings, candidate management, and automated workflows.
  • A completely free plan available with job board integration, candidate tracking, and career page features.
  • Mobile app for employees to access pay stubs, request leave, and update personal information.

Employment Hero Cons:

  • Some advanced reporting and analytics capabilities are limited compared to standalone ATS solutions.
  • Pricing can add up for larger teams, as it’s based on number of employees.

Who Should Pick Employment Hero And Why?

Employment Hero is a great choice for growing small and medium-sized businesses that want to digitize and automate their HR processes.

It’s especially valuable for companies expanding their employee base and looking to provide a modern employee experience.

However, Employment Hero is not suitable for small teams with basic hiring needs.

On the other end of the spectrum, large enterprises with complex recruitment needs may find Employment Hero lacking in advanced features. For them, a dedicated enterprise ATS like SmartRecruiters would be a better fit.

Employment Hero is ideal for:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses with growing teams
  • Companies looking to organize recruitment workflow and improve efficiency
  • Employers who want to offer a modern, digital employee experience
  • Businesses that value an all-in-one HR solution

If you’re a growing company that wants to attract top talent, and engage your employees, Employment Hero is a top choice. Its user-friendly ATS and seamless integration with the full HR suite make it worth a try.

9. ADP – Best For Large Enterprises


Our Score: 4.1/5

Pricing: Available on request

ADP is a popular software in the recruitment and HR industry. It is especially popular for its HR and Payroll features.

But it has a full set of tools to handle every part of HR, including hiring.

How ADP Helps In Recruitment?

ADP’s recruitment software is a key part of their HR platform. It gives you everything you need to find, attract, and hire top talent.

The standout feature is ADP’s powerful analytics. You get detailed reports on your entire hiring process. This helps you find bottlenecks and make smart, data-driven choices to boost your recruitment.

ADP is also great for a mobile-first candidate experience. Job seekers can easily apply and check their status right from their phones. In today’s mobile world, this is a must-have.

Another big plus is ADP’s global reach. They offer services in over 140 different countries worldwide. That means for global hiring and compliance, they are one of the best solutions to consider.

ADP Pros:

  • Integrated with ADP’s full HR suite for streamlined data and processes.
  • Detailed analytics provide actionable insights into your recruitment performance.
  • Mobile-optimized career sites and application processes improve candidate experience.
  • Dedicated global compliance support in over 140 countries.

ADP Cons:

  • Higher cost, especially for smaller organizations.
  • The user-interface is complex, implementation can be challenging and time-consuming.

Who Should Pick ADP And Why?

While ADP’s hiring tools are powerful, they’re not the best fit for every business.

Small companies with basic recruiting needs will find more value in a simple, affordable ATS like JazzHR or Zappyhire.

Also, it doesn’t offer an easy-to-use interface. For that, a better option is SmartRecruiters.

But for larger organizations, especially those hiring globally, ADP is a top choice.

It’s ideal for:

  • Enterprises with high-volume recruitment
  • Multi-national companies needing global compliance support
  • Businesses wanting an all-in-one HR platform
  • Teams looking to make data-driven hiring decisions

So, overall, for big companies looking for an enterprise-grade solution, advanced features, global compliance, and in-depth analytics, ADP is a top choice.

10. Ceipal – Best For Staffing Agencies


Our Score: 4.9/5

Pricing: Available on request

Ceipal is a leading staffing software solution designed specifically for recruitment agencies. It offers a suite of tools to help staffing firms find and place the right candidates in the right roles efficiently.

How Ceipal Helps In Recruitment?

Ceipal’s standout feature is its AI-powered applicant tracking system (ATS) that streamlines the entire recruitment process.

The software uses advanced algorithms to match candidates to job requirements, saving recruiters significant time and effort.

Another unique feature – Ceipal’s focus on diversity and inclusion. The software provides AI-driven assessments and reporting to help staffing agencies build diverse candidate pools and make unbiased hiring decisions.

Ceipal also offers a range of other tools customized for staffing needs, including vendor management, workforce management, and invoicing solutions.

Ceipal Pros:

  • AI-powered candidate matching and resume parsing for faster, more accurate sourcing.
  • Diversity and inclusion tools to help build diverse candidate pools and reduce bias in hiring.
  • Integrated vendor management system (VMS) to efficiently manage client relationships and requirements.
  • Workforce management features to track and optimize recruiter performance and productivity.

Ceipal Cons:

  • The extensive feature set may be overwhelming for smaller staffing firms with simpler needs.
  • Learning curve for first time users due its many capabilities.

Who Should Pick Ceipal And Why?

Ceipal is an excellent choice for staffing agencies of all sizes that want a comprehensive, industry-specific recruitment solution. It’s especially valuable for firms placing candidates in IT, healthcare, and other specialized fields.

However, Ceipal may be more than what’s needed for small HR teams or agencies with basic hiring needs. In those cases, a more general ATS like Recruit CRM or JazzHR could suffice.

Ceipal is ideal for:

  • Staffing and recruitment agencies looking to streamline operations
  • Firms focused on diversity and inclusion in their placement practices
  • Healthcare staffing agencies needing credentialing and compliance solutions
  • Growing agencies that want a scalable, all-in-one recruitment platform

If you run a staffing firm that wants to enhance efficiency, and build diverse candidate pools, Ceipal is the best pick.

Its AI-driven functionality, combined with industry-specific features, can help you find and place top talent faster.

Other Best Recruitment Software

So far we saw the top recruiting software suitable for various needs, company size, and budget.

Now, these are some of the other best recruiting software that couldn’t make it to our top list, but still offer great features and are worth considering.

11. Akrivia HCM – Best For Recruitment Management

  • Our Score: 4.1/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

12. Harver – Best For Candidate Screening

  • Our Score: 4.2/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

13. Curious Thing – Best AI Voice Assistant Software

  • Our Score: 4.1/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

14. Comeet – Best For Collaborative Hiring

  • Our Score: 4.4/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

15. BambooHR – Best For Onboarding

  • Our Score: 4.2/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

16. Avvanz – Best For Background Checks

  • Our Score: 4.3/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

17. iSmartRecruit – Best For Customizable Workflows

  • Our Score: 4.6/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

18. Workable – Best For Mobile Recruiting

  • Our Score: 4.9/5
  • Pricing: 15 days free trial available (Paid plans start at $149/month for up to 50 employees)

19. Manatal – Best For Compliance Management

  • Our Score: 4.7/5
  • Pricing: 14 days free trial available (Paid plans start at $15 per user per month)

20. Wandify – Best For Candidate Sourcing

  • Our Score: 4.3/5
  • Pricing: Free plan available (Paid plans start at $48 per user per month)

21. iMocha – Best For Skill-Based Recruiting

  • Our Score: 4.6/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

22. COGBEE – Best For Pre-Employment Screening

  • Our Score: 4.1/5
  • Pricing: Free plan available (Paid plans start at $25/month)

23. The Talent Games – Best For Gamified Recruitment

  • Our Score: 4.5/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

24. Paradox – Best For Recruiting With AI Chatbots

  • Our Score: 4.1/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

25. RecruiterPal – Best For Reducing Time-To-Hire

  • Our Score: 4.2/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

26. peopleHum – Best All-In-One Recruitment Software

  • Our Score: 4.8/5
  • Pricing: Starts at $2 per employee per month

27. Mercer Mettl – Best For Candidate Assessment And Testing

  • Our Score: 4.4/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

28. Globalization Partners – Best For Global Recruiting

  • Our Score: 4.5/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

29. Hiresome – Best Easy-To-Use ATS

  • Our Score: 4.1/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

30. Gloroots – Best For Remote Hiring

  • Our Score: 4.3/5
  • Pricing: Starts at $29 per month for each contractor

31. RecruitBot – Best For AI-Powered Recruitment Software

  • Our Score: 4.2/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

32. Loxo – Best Free Recruitment Software

  • Our Score: 4.7/5
  • Pricing: Free plan available (Paid plans start at $119 per month with 7 days free trial available)

33. BreezyHR – Best For Employer Branding

  • Our Score: 4.9/5
  • Pricing: Free plan available (Paid plans start at $157/month)

34. Recruiterflow – Best Easy-To-Use Pick

  • Our Score: 4.8/5
  • Pricing: 14 days free trial available (Paid plans starts at $99/month)

35. Skillfuel – Best For Social Media Recruiting

  • Our Score: 4.2/5
  • Pricing: Free plan available for up to 3 active job postings (Paid plans start at $49 per month with 10 active job postings)

36. Teamable – Best For Employee Referrals

  • Our Score: 4.5/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

37. HireVue – Best For Campus Recruiting

  • Our Score: 4.3/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

38. Vincere – Best For Executive Search

  • Our Score: 4.6/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

39. Greenhouse – Best For Diversity Hiring

  • Our Score: 4.8/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

40. Aimwel – Best For Recruitment Marketing

  • Our Score: 4.3/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

41. HireHive – Best User-Friendly ATS

  • Our Score: 4.5/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

42. VidCruiter – Best For Video Interviews

  • Our Score: 4.4/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

43. Jobvite – Best Overall ATS For Recruitment

  • Our Score: 4.7/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

44. iCIMS – Best For Data Analytics and Reporting

  • Our Score: 4.2/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

45. SeekOut – Best For Outreach and Engagement

  • Our Score: 4.4/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

46. JobAdder – Best For Job Boards Integration

  • Our Score: 4.6/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

47. Gem – Best For Candidate Experience

  • Our Score: 4.7/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

48. Pinpoint – Best For Effective Hiring Process

  • Our Score: 4.4/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

49. Bullhorn – Best For Recruitment Agencies

  • Our Score: 4.2/5
  • Pricing: Available on request

50. GoHire – Best Feature-Packed Recruitment Software

  • Our Score: 4.8/5
  • Pricing: Free plan available (Paid plans start at $89 per month for up to 3 active job boards)

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How To Pick The Best Recruitment Automation Software?

It all starts with assessing your recruitment needs.

First, take a close look at your current recruitment process and identify areas where automation can provide the most value.

Consider the volume of hiring you do, the complexity of your hiring workflows, and the specific challenges your team faces.

Ask these questions to yourself while you’re deciding which software to select:

  • How many open positions do we typically have at once? (e.g., 10, 50, or 100+)
  • What are the bottlenecks in our current hiring process? (e.g., resume screening, interview scheduling, or candidate communication)
  • Do we need advanced features like AI-powered resume screening or video interviewing?

For example, suppose you’re a large enterprise with 100+ open positions at any given time and struggle with efficiently screening resumes. In that case, you’ll want to prioritize tools with advanced AI-based resume parsing and matching capabilities.

Next, evaluate the features offered by different recruitment automation platforms.

While most tools cover the basics like job posting and applicant tracking, some offer advanced capabilities that can further simplify your process.

Choosing a recruitment automation tool that integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack is also important.

Plus, also consider the scalability of the software. As your organization grows and your hiring needs evolve, you’ll want a platform that can scale with you.

The user experience is crucial for both your hiring team and your candidates. Evaluate the ease of use of each platform’s interface.

A user-friendly tool will increase usage among your recruiters and hiring managers, leading to better results.

From a candidate perspective, look for software that offers a smooth, mobile-optimized application process.

The best recruitment automation tools provide a seamless candidate experience from initial application to final offer, with timely communication and updates along the way.

Finally, carefully consider the pricing and potential ROI of each recruitment automation platform.

With some softwares, you’ll find transparent, tiered pricing based on your number of employees or job openings, while others provide custom quotes based on your specific needs.

Look beyond the initial cost and evaluate the long-term value the tool can provide.

Determine which platform offers the best balance of features and affordability for your budget.

When making your final decision, schedule demos with your top 3-5 choices and involve key decision makers from your HR and recruiting teams.

Ask detailed questions about each platform’s capabilities, integration options, and customer support to get a complete idea about the software.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is An ATS?

An ATS, or Applicant Tracking System is a software that helps you manage your hiring processes. It collects and organizes candidate information, making tracking applicants easier and simplifying your hiring workflow.

What Is A CRM?

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management system, manages interactions with current and potential customers. In recruitment, a CRM helps you keep track of communications with candidates.

What Are The Best Free Recruitment Softwares?

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry – there are several great free recruitment softwares out there. Although most of them offer basic features, that can still significantly improve your hiring process. Some of the best free options include Loxo for candidate sourcing, BreezyHR for ATS features, and Employment Hero for job posting and career page.

What Are The Best Recruitment CRM Softwares?

Some of the best recruitment CRM softwares include Recruit CRM, Bullhorn, Vincere, and Manatal. These platforms are designed to develop and build a strong relationship with your candidates, making your recruitment process more effective.


So, what is the best recruitment software?

Well, there are a ton of different options as we explored so far. But out of all, here are our top 3 picks based on company size:

  • Best For Small Companies – Keka, JazzHR, Zappyhire
  • Best For Medium-Sized Companies – TalentRecruit, Ceipal, LiveHire
  • Best For Large Companies And Enterprises – SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, Vincere

Ultimately, the best way to select the right software for recruitment is to first understand the requirements. Then consider factors like interface, budget, scalability, and functionality to find the right pick.

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