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Engage Remote Employees With Corporate Volunteer Programs

Having purpose-driven employee engagement programs that have a positive impact on the environment around us and the benefits of employee giving programs are not to be taken lightly.

by Sukhendra, Founder & CEO, Chezuba

As the world shifts into the recovery stage from the couple of trying years of the pandemic, life is beginning to get back to normal. Even though Covid-19 restrictions are practically no more, the sudden switch from an online workspace to a fully functional, in-person setting can be daunting for employees. This is why most organizations are now resorting to a hybrid work environment. This would mean that either for equal amounts or partial timeframes, your employees will be working remotely. 

The past few years have witnessed large improvements in boosting remote employee engagement with events such as a zoom lunch or break time bingo. However, having purpose-driven employee engagement programs that have a positive impact on the environment around us and the benefits of employee giving programs are not to be taken lightly.

Virtual Volunteering – The Future 

Though the pandemic expedited the adoption of virtual volunteer programs, this paradigm change has long been in the works. Earlier, business management groups and charitable organizations simply did not consider how to practically integrate virtual volunteering on a wide scale. 

That was partially due to the fact that traditional in-person volunteering felt wonderful as the feelings of gratitude and positive emotions were quite strong. Moreover, the lack of need for virtual volunteering opportunities slowed down its progress. 

Now there exists technology that can connect corporations and nonprofits, while also providing corporations with the means to measure the impact their virtual employee volunteer programs have. This way, your volunteer programs will not only engage employees but also provide them with an enriching volunteering experience. Here are four reasons why you should deploy a virtual volunteer program for your employee: 

1. The Convenience of Choice 

Traditional volunteerism has restrictions on causes and locations. Even if someone has the time, they might not be able to volunteer with their preferred organization at their preferred time and location. Opportunities can occasionally conflict with employees’ work schedules or necessitate a long drive. Volunteering online facilitates overcoming these obstacles. Employees are given access to a wider range of opportunities that are better suited to their skill sets. 

2. Incorporating Social Responsibility 

The millennial and GenZ generation demands for businesses to be more compliant with corporate philanthropy and put sustainability above everything. This generation wants to be a part of the change-makers and is constantly on the lookout for ways to contribute. These demands can only be met through the flexibility and vast range of opportunities that virtual volunteering provides. 

3. Remotely Boosting Employee Morale

Some would argue that online volunteering cannot fully capture the feelings experienced while in-person volunteering. However, examples of virtual volunteering from around the globe suggest the contrary. Well-run programs can genuinely produce incredible engagement possibilities for workers. Additionally, it provides a solution to the growing problem of employee burnout following long work hours.

4. Ease in Monitoring and Reporting 

The right corporate volunteering tool can make tracking and measuring employee volunteer activities much easier. Since the activities are managed online, indicators like volunteer hours and funds allocated make it simpler to gauge the work and time put into volunteering. Corporations now find it simple to plan events and produce detailed reports.

Chezuba understands the need for good volunteer management and has thus built a customizable platform that allows you to facilitate and track all your employees volunteering activities with ease, all from a single place. Schedule a free demo to learn more about how Chezuba can help you engage your remote employees.

About the Author:

​Sukhendra is the Founder & CEO of Chezuba, a SaaS platform enabling corporations to build a purpose-driven culture. He is an IIT graduate and has previously worked in Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, India and now in the US. He had founded the AIESEC chapter while in university facilitating hundreds of students to volunteer abroad. An avid advocate of tech for good, he has built a platform used by NonProfits and individuals in 100+ countries to collaborate for volunteering. He is a recipient of Forbes 30 under 30 and hustles managing teams in India and the US.

About Chezuba:

Born from the vision to facilitate every skill and every passion in the world to meet a social need, Chezuba is a web platform that connects corporations with customized volunteer opportunities for their employees.

It provides high-quality volunteering experiences in scalable, gamified and skill-based formats, as well as enables HR departments to create seamless volunteer and employee experiences and track success measures.

Through the years, Chezuba has become a trusted leader in the virtual volunteering space, having curated high-quality experiences for companies with millions of employees.

To date, Chezuba has partnered with several nonprofits in 100+ countries. Chezuba is listed in Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia in 2020, has been accelerated by 500 startups and has helped enhance employee engagement for companies like Tata group, Asian Paints and ServiceNow. With offices in the US and India, Chezuba boasts of a truly diverse and passionate team that strives to make volunteering fun, easy and accessible to all.

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