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First 100 Days of your New Employee : Make them Count

First day at work, first week, first month and all the firsts at a new job are exciting and crucial for both the employees and the employers – especially the first 3 – 6 months!

by Jayashree, Founder and CEO, Appreiz

A study says that 31% of unhappy employees quit in the first 6 months. For employers, this means starting the process from the scratch to hire a replacement: source, identify, interview, onboard and train them. And, what about the new employees?

New employees are like newborns. New to your world, would have had past experiences, fear, trust issues, concerns, different ways of working and a lot of baggage along with them. Initially, they will need some time to settle, feel comfortable with the people around them, understand the work culture of the organization, learn the process, communication styles and learn how the team works. This process can sometimes be bumpy. They are going through this alone and will always have a fear factor associated with it.

New employees can have certain inhibitions, self-doubts and also experience some vulnerability. This is why, as an employer, it is pertinent to understand their mental and emotional state. 

  • Pretty nervous and overwhelmed
  • Often gets into a confused zone and needs time to understand
  • In the blind spot for the first few days, as they are in a new environment  
  • Looks for real-time validation to know they are doing it right 
  • Lost or need directions 
  • Has self doubts and can be in imposter syndrome
  • Wants to feel included 
  • In a mission to accomplish something
  • Hunger to work and prove their potential 
  • Extremely willing to learn, update and be a part of the organization

Along with understanding their thought process, organizations must also know what makes them unhappy. 

  • When the promises are not met 
  • When they are not given enough time to learn and understand the organization
  • When they are compared
  • When there is no clear instruction from the manager 
  • When there is no sign of recognition
  • When there is all work and no play 
  • When there is no proper onboarding or training 
  • When they are often left alone without enough support and communication – When the managers are not accessible 
  • When there is no 1:1 conversations enabled

More often than not, it so happens that managers and new employee expectations don’t match. This in turn can add up to the pressure for a new hire. Here is what managers or organizations should practice to make the first 6 months journey of a newly hired employee happier and more productive. 

When I was working with Microsoft , GE and other companies I found a huge gap when it came to employee motivation and engagement factors. That is when I realized meaningful recognition and employee engagement could be a competitive advantage for any organization. With this thought, Appreiz was born. Appreiz is a SaaS-based platform that redefines employee engagement, talent and performance management using social recognition as a driving factor. By being a one-stop solution, Appreiz helps organizations build a better tomorrow for their employees by inculcating healthy, happy and positive workplace culture via rewards & recognitions, measuring the pulse of employees and feed forward for demonstrated competency, value or skill.

Appreiz is an extensive employee engagement solution designed to boost employee morale, productivity, performance via social recognition and rewards. 

Partner with us to make your workforce happy with our extensive employee engagement solutions that are designed to boost employee morale, productivity, performance via meaningful recognition and rewards.

About the author : 

Jayashree is the founder and CEO of Appreiz. Founded in 2016, Appreiz serves across employee engagement, employee well-being, Tech excellence. She has wider experience in engineering and operational excellence with Microsoft, General Electric, and start-ups. She was Principal PM, Director of strategy and planning, Director of Quality and Process in Microsoft India and COE leader in GE Consumer and Industrial Systems. During her career in Microsoft, she worked closely with HR in formulating the onboarding strategy of new hires, Leadership program for senior individual contributors and workforce plan aligned with the multi-year roadmap of the organization. 

About hrtech:

We are a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Advisory & Consulting firm, enabling Workplace & Workforce Transformations to deliver strong Business & HR outcomes. Our singular vision is to create a TECH-DRIVEN and DATA-CENTRIC HR ECOSYSTEM for driving successful Workplace & Talent Transformations that will enable Organizations to grow and HR teams to become Strategic Business Partners.

Set up in 2018, we have been working with top-tier Enterprise and Start-up clients in their Digital Transformation of their HR function by providing best-in-class, end-to-end HR Technology (HRTech) domain services. As Talent Advisors and HRTech Advocates, we always ensure that all aspects of the CHRO’s transformation agenda are kept in mind during the entire journey.

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