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How to Maximize HR Efficiencies With a Hiring Platform

How to Maximize HR Efficiencies With a Hiring Platform

An HR role is for a multitasker. From talent acquisition to structuring employee satisfaction programs, and handling crises at the workplace, HR executives have plenty on their plates.

by Screenit

To quote Bill Gates, “The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.”

The HR department is constantly on its feet, trying to hire quality employees and keep them in the company. When HR is tasked with recruiting the backbones of a company, it is needless to say it is pivotal that they are given the best resources and technologies to improve efficiencies and simplify their everyday tasks.

Improving Hiring Efficiencies: Top Priority in 2022

A recent survey indicated that in 2022, the top concern for HR is to source qualified candidates and recruit them despite remote working challenges and fluctuating market trends. The survey showed that HR can tackle those challenges by prioritizing the following:

  • Better quality of hires
  • Increasing employee retention rates
  • Reducing hiring time
  • Growing talent pipelines
  • Diversity hiring

Some studies have shown that 36% of HR professionals credit insufficient technology for inefficient hiring and onboarding programs. Every 1 out of 2 job hunters claim to have negative hiring experience and turn down an opportunity owing to the poor experience. Adding to this, 60% of candidates quit filling out an application because of long and complex forms.  

57% of the companies are starting to adopt technology and software programs to aid a pleasant hiring and onboarding process. 63% of companies are turning to AI-powered software platforms for the majority of their recruiting process. 

Screenit is one such hiring platform that bridges the gaps in the hiring industry by helping interviewees find the right candidate for their organization. 

Bring the Best Onboard with Screenit

Screenit is a versatile all-in-one solution that enables organizations to enhance their recruiting and onboarding processes with HR tools to revolutionize talent acquisition. It is also a platform that enables industry experts to build their careers as interviewers by becoming a part of the Global IT interviewer network. 

Features on the Screenit Platform

  • The Screenit platform provides complete information on the interviewer’s availability to help candidates schedule their interviews. 
  • An in-built code editor comes in handy to test the candidate’s coding skills.
  • AI-Algorithm helps direct the right interviewer to the candidate based on the job requirements and recruitment criteria.
  • Google Calendar integration allows candidates and interviewers to schedule their interviews based on the availability dates. 
  • The Screenit Software can capture online proctoring and window violations to accurately test candidates and prevent unethical test practices. 
  • Every interview can be recorded and instant feedback is provided to help interviewers share their opinions of the candidates with the organizations.

Screenit Interview as a Service (IaaS)

43% of the HR professionals said that competition from other employers was one of the top challenges of recruiting the right employees. Maintaining the A game at recruiting for your organization can help you maximize talent acquisition and beat your competitors to it. 

But what happens when your organization does not have enough HR professionals or technical interviewers to interview candidates?

Screenit stands as the perfect solution for extending your organization’s bandwidth with registered and qualified freelance interviewers on the platform. These freelance interviewers are matched to candidates with AI algorithms and can conduct the interviews. The interviews are recorded with a feedback form that can help organizations frame their decisions.

Screenit Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Reports show that 69% of the employees are most likely to stay with a company for 3 years if they have a good onboarding experience. This proves that onboarding software with robust tools can be highly beneficial for an organization to retain talent. 

Screenit is a ready-to-use hiring platform with organizational tools that streamline hiring processes and optimize HR tasks to make hiring and onboarding easier. The platform contains workflow and internal panel compatibility, and candidate evaluation data along with the interview recordings to enhance talent acquisition for organizations and recruiters. 

Revolutionize Talent Acquisition with Screenit

Screenit has over 2000 interviewers on the platform to carry out interviews for your company. On average, more than 30 interviews are conducted on the platform. A total of 1031+ hours of interviews have been conducted and recorded on the Screenit platform with 96% of candidates progressing to the next round of interviews. 

If you are a freelance interviewer looking to advance in your career, Screenit can be your stepping stone to the next level. If your organization is looking for a one-stop solution to advance hiring and onboarding, look no further than Screenit.  

With advanced technology and AI-Powered software, Screenit paves the way to an enhanced and streamlined talent acquisition venture in the hiring industry.

About the Author:

Screenit is a technical assessment and hiring platform which bridges the gap between the organization, candidate, and interviewers to create a seamless hiring experience.

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