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How to Prioritize Employee Wellness Without Losing Productivity?

How to Prioritize Employee Wellness Without Losing Productivity

It’s high time organizations prioritize employee wellness over outdated HR policies by simply giving nine and saving ten.

by Arnav Gupta, CEO and Founder, We360.ai

We’ve now reached an inflection point where focusing just on work targets while compromising on physical, mental and emotional health is simply not possible. The pandemic outburst has made us realize the importance of overall health while focusing on work.  

Currently, the world is finding its foot in the hybrid work scenario. Remote working is readily welcomed by most employees and organizations as well. However, it is crucial to ensure employee wellness irrespective of where they are working from – office or remotely. It’s high time organizations prioritize employee wellness over outdated HR policies by simply giving nine and saving ten. 

Trust me, I’ve tried and it worked wonders!  

Here are some stats from the MITSLoan report – 

  • 79% of the employees surveyed admitted that the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health;
  • 76% indicated that companies should be doing more to protect their mental health;
  • 85% said that newfound work-related stress is affecting their personal lives.

So it’s well said – “Those who give have all things; those who withhold, have nothing.”

Recent research revealed companies that adopted five of these wellness initiatives—active listening, revisiting values, modelling wellness, addressing wellness in reviews, and introducing “bookends” to the workday—were able to improve employee commitment by 79% and retain top talent while saving time, money, and resources needed for new hires.

Simply put, if you and your HR are still pondering employee wellness; you’re already way behind.  

Key Areas to Work on Employee Wellness?

Employers now have a chance to break free from the archaic ideas of ‘wellness’ and lay focus on mental health components. Employee stress, productivity, presenteeism, burnout, mental health issues, and many more are some of the significant challenges most organizations are struggling with. 

How to Prioritize Employee Wellness?

Learn it From Employee’s Point-of-view


Employee – Am I motivated to deliver better performance than expected?

Motivation is a result of effective and clear communication with employees. Tell them about your expectations and be collaborative in identifying their goals and pathways to accomplishing them. Assist them in every way possible and provide opportunities for upskilling and growing. 


Employee – Does my employer care about my well-being? 

State of mind is all about empathy. You can’t be omniscient but at least get into their shoes to understand what they are going through. Showing empathy and personal interest in their problems will drive employee engagement and productivity. 


Employee – Does my company ask for feedback?

To build trust and foster a caring culture, start taking feedback. Think upon a proper framework to act upon the changes expected by the employee. According to research findings from The Workforce Institute at UKG and Workplace Intelligence from 2021, “74% of employees reported that they are more effective at their job when they feel heard.”


Employee – Did I ever receive any recognition for my achievements?

Appreciation and recognition are great motivation boosters. . Never be behind to highlight anyone’s success or hard work. This will motivate employees to perform better and deliver results beyond expectations. Happy employees are more likely to connect positively with their customers and bring better business outcomes.

Work-life balance 

Employee – Is this a safe and healthy place to work?

Allowing employees to choose their schedules can help promote better culture and boost productivity. Think of it as your value chain of culture. A strong culture drives engagement and productivity contributing to higher customer satisfaction and strong financial performance. 

How We360.ai Can Help You?

We360.ai offers a great opportunity for HRs and corporate leaders – the opportunity to know how work takes place – in what time frame, in what parameters, and in what conditions and culture. 

We360.ai is an employee productivity monitoring software which streamlines workforce optimization and helps HR to automate work processes with a check on employee productivity patterns. Our Wellness360 solution can help you stike a great work-life balance and become a empathetic employer. We can help organizations realize their employee wellness and revenue goals. 

If you would like to discuss how we can help achieve employee wellness, I’d be more than happy to connect. I’ve been working with employers for decades to create and implement workplace wellness programs that deliver amazing results. 

About the Author:

Arnav , 21 is a young entrepreneur currently building We360.ai – an employee productivity monitoring software helping SMBs to manage the efficiency of their employees using real time analytics. Arnav has helped scale We360.ai to become the #1 software in the space within 11 months of operations(G2 reports)

Arnav has studied from University of Wollongong , Australia but left early to pursue his entrepreneurial journey. He is an avid book reader and takes his inspiration from Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. Started with his Co-founders and team of 2 , We360.ai currently has 30+ employees working from Bhopal.

We360.ai has helped more than 1200+ businesses globally to increase their employee productivity , having 15,000+ active users.

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