How Will Workplaces Shape In The Next Decade

Implementation of Smart HRMS tools is another workplace trend to watch out for. These tools enable next-gen leaders to manage, develop, and engage top talents effortlessly. 

by Vicky Jain, Founder, uKnowva

Workplaces are becoming increasingly innovative, inclusive, and digital. HR leaders have to design new strategies to stay in sync with the new trends as they emerge. The workplaces correlate to the future of work where HR leaders need to sympathise with the top talent.

One of the significant aspects of the modern workforce is that they want to work for organizations that value their contributions. Without the scope of timely recognition and appreciation, it’s hard to retain Millennials and GenZ workers.

Implementation of Smart HRMS tools is another workplace trend to watch out for. These tools enable next-gen leaders to manage, develop, and engage top talents effortlessly.

This blog explores various workplace trends emerging from these novelties.

4 Trends That Will Transform Next-Gen Workplaces In a Decade:

1. A major shift in the middle management responsibilities

Middle-level managers will no longer only supervise or micromanage their team members but also be innovative and become a coach to mentor their team. With an automated system like the uKnowva HRMS, talented people work responsibly.

Though the teams will require less micromanagement, there will be some workplace complexities.. Each day might bring along a new challenge and thereby, the need to improvise and level up. For this, team members will need insightful and visionary coaches, mentors, and guides.

To become great mentors, the middle-level managers should sharpen their communication, persuasion skills and leadership qualities. Using smart HR analytical tools to estimate and predict their team’s performance can help them understand what needs to be done to optimize the team’s true potential.

This practice will help them understand and guide their team members effectively and accurately to reshape the future of work.

2. Upskilling and digital expertise will be more valuable than proven experiences

In the rapidly evolving, complex and hyper-digital world, employers need workers with curiosity and passion for learning and prospering. No longer will the experience or tenure matter. Each task will hold more meaning to employees and employers as teams create more value at every focal point. 

Employees will have to gain digital dexterity to tackle highly complex issues at work. Their hunger for learning will keep them employable and valuable to the firm. 

Organisations will often appraise and promote employees who don’t shy away from experimenting and learning on the move. That’s one of the strategic ways to build temperament and calm the mind in the face of uncertainty. 

Companies need employees to think creatively and innovatively and solve daily business problems as they arise.

3. More dependency on HR analytics for insightful reports

The data is increasing beyond control every day in the hyper-digitised world. HR leaders have to start embracing HR analytics to study the randomness and complexity of big data sets. 

HR analytics helps streamline lengthy tasks with the help of predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive analysis. These smart solutions are digital and virtual assistants to next-gen HR leaders. 

Their workflow and people management skills will improve for the good with the dependency on HR analytics. The future of work will be more digital and enable employees to upskill themselves. 

4. Working with purpose will add more value

Monetary gains will not surpass the importance of passion and purpose where employees work. They will start looking for value-adding work proposals. This trend has already started shooting up in major global creative and knowledge-based industries. 

Workers have a myriad of options to work from home or anywhere. This allows them to own more than a single stream of regular income. Thus, earning money with the right skill and talent will be easy. 

To be employable and valuable are two factors that will be difficult to achieve in the next decade. Employees will be needing the right tech tools to collaborate consistently and engage to prove their worth. With such practices, they will develop a sense of self-serving nature as well. 

This attitude will help them deliver profitable, qualitative, and timely projects. Consistency in this practice will boost their compensations and value in the firm.


There is an emergence of new HR and workforce trends that we must be vigilant about. Leverage technology tools and platforms will help HR teams to optimize their efforts, enhance employee engagement and boost employee productivity to achieve business outcomes. With technology, HR can truly become a business-critical function. 

One such technology platform is uKnowva HRMS. With uKnowva HRMS, we offer 360-degree smart HR solutions that are easily accessible across mobile devices and enable HR teams to automate their tasks right from preboarding to exit management. 

About the Author:

Vicky Jain is one of the founders of uKnowva, a cloud-based HRM software that happens to be the brainchild of Convergence IT Services. He has played an active role in the development of the software, which provides a 360-degree solution for HR Automation and People Management. 

An engineer from Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (Mumbai University) and an MBA from IBS, Vicky feels constant innovation-led with creativity is the cornerstone for developing next-gen products. His ideologies for scaling products centres toward an architectural roadmap that enables him to seize value in the long run.

His diverse experience in Business Development and financial management has chartered a sustainable growth path for uKnowva. In December 2009, he was also conferred the prestigious Bharat Gaurav Award by IEDRA in New Delhi. He claims that his love for reading has shaped his ideologies towards astute leadership.

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