HR Megatrends for 2021: The Three Gamechangers

HR Megatrends-The Three Gamechangers

Companies are looking to CHRO’s to lead the pandemic response as well as play a role in corporate responsibility, overall growth strategy, and company culture & the best companies are investing heavily in building empathetic and flexible workplaces.

by Rémi Malenfant, Director of HR Innovation and Customer Experience , Ultimate Kronos Group(UKG)

2020 has been a destructive, disruptive, and transformative year.

COVID-19’s devastating impact claimed nearly 1.3 million lives, countless business closures, and historic rates of unemployment and salary reductions. As the pandemic continues to spread across the world, the economic impact is without any doubt severe. And while the situation in Singapore is under control, many Singaporean workers are growing anxious about job security and loss of incomes.

Communities around the world suffered the cumulative stress of long-term health concerns, the loss of loved ones, distance learning challenges, and personal and corporate financial strain. As is often the case, the magnitude of inequality was striking, with minorities and women at significantly higher risk for death and job loss, respectively.

At the same time, natural disasters displaced more than 10 million people by June 2020 and caused an estimated $75 billion in global economic losses. In many countries, racial issues hit the headlines. In Singapore, top areas of concern are the job market and unemployment, healthcare, poverty and social inequality followed by climate change (according to an IPSOS survey from February 2020).

But when things break down, we get to rebuild, and many citizens are putting their faith in organizations in times of uncertainty.

Never before have we faced such an opportunity to improve the lives of so many at work or received so much buy-in from executives. HR was elevated to the head of the C-suite conversation as the pandemic underscored the importance of human intellect and innovation in people management. Companies are looking to CHRO’s to lead the pandemic response as well as play a role in corporate responsibility, overall growth strategy, and company culture.

In the midst of this backdrop, we’re finally recognizing and valuing our shared humanity. Best companies are investing heavily in building empathetic and flexible workplaces. Work isn’t just about work anymore.

To prepare for the future of work, organizations and leaders will have to consider 3 gamechangers that will shape the mission of HR in the new normal:

  • First, as more and more employees are asking their employers to put people before profit, businesses will adopt a greater purpose.
  • In doing so, work and the workplace will be more and more centered around employees’ lives to create a real Life-Work Synergy
  • Finally, this can only be supported by a modern People function that needs to reinvent itself to lead these efforts. The post-covid-19 period will see the rebirth of HR.

As we enter 2021, the upcoming webinar on 19th Nov will cover these 3 key trends HR teams need to focus on to support organizations to achieve success while keeping employees at the forefront.  

Register for the webinar here.

About the author :

Rémi Malenfant is Director of HR Innovation & Customer Experience at Ultimate Kronos Group HR Service Delivery (formerly known as Ultimate Software by PeopleDoc). Remi has more than 10 years of experience in HR. Passionate about the impact of digital in HR, he helps organizations to develop and realize their HR strategy through technology and support them in optimizing and automating processes to improve service delivery as well as enhance the employee experience through technology-enabled solutions.  Previously, Rémi held numerous HR roles at global testing, inspection, and certification company Bureau Veritas as well as consultancy roles at PwC and Capgemini.  

Rémi is an international speaker and thought leader on HCM trends, hot topics, and global strategies

About UKG :

UKG’s HR Service Delivery platform(formerly PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software) provides consumer-level experiences to your people through contextualised, user-friendly technology. Integrating with your HRIS, our software makes it easy for HR teams to automate almost any manual process, respond to employee requests, and actively manage all related employee documents– all within a platform built to mitigate security risks and reduce compliance headaches. Automate almost any manual process, respond to employee requests, actively manage all employee documents, and track effectiveness with simplified, visualized analytics — all from one platform that integrates with any HRIS. Improve productivity and deliver an exceptional experience for your people.

UKG’S HR Service Delivery Platform can help teams to:

1. Achieve Strategic Business Goals

UKG HR Service Delivery powers HR Shared Service Centers and enables teams to transform the way they support and interact with their people. HR can run and optimise processes, including onboarding, internal transfers, and offboarding to support every step of the employee lifecycle.

2. Improve the Employee Experience

Help your people anytime, anywhere. With UKG HR Service Delivery, employees can find answers to common HR questions, reach out for additional assistance, digitally sign documents, and upload new paperwork, addressing the needs of remote workers, deskless workers, and everyone in between.

3. Proactively Address Compliance

UKG HR Service Delivery is equipped with critical compliance-related capabilities to enable HR teams proactively manage compliance in any country where they have employees, avoiding fines and mitigating risk.

For scheduling a Demo, Partnership and any additional information contact: [email protected]

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