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It’s About Time Recruitment Got Automated

It’s About Time Recruitment Got Automated

By combining the power of targeted digital job ads with multi-channel job posting, you can reduce the amount of unqualified applicants while saving time that was spent on posting jobs manually on each portal

by Emmanuel Crouy, Co-Founder & CEO, Aster lion

With the deep tech advancements that we have seen in the past 10 years, it’s hard to believe that most companies today still do recruitment using legacy technologies such as email, CVs, classified job boards, phone calls and administrative work such as scheduling interviews.

These technologies have been around for more than 20 years, and while they have delivered great results in that time period, they deserve to be updated to keep up with the competition in recruitment.

It’s about time we automated the whole process!

As we all know, the recruitment funnel has 3 main stages before the offer:

  1.  Talent Attraction
  2.  Applicant screening
  3.  Interviewing

We’re not looking to remove or replace any of these stages, but in an ideal world, all stages above would be automated seamlessly, while enabling a human to conduct face-to-face interviews during Stage 3.

Talent Attraction Automation

Talent Attraction used to be a very tedious process, with recruiters having to manually post jobs on job sites and sifting through candidate databases ― it was time-consuming and reach was limited.

Thanks to Social Media, Google and the proliferation of job boards, any company can now reach millions of potential candidates with just one click of a button. Today the entire process can be fully automated by multi-channel job boards and digital ads on Social media and ad networks such as Google. After all, marketers have been using online ads for over a decade to attract users ― it’s about time HR teams woke up to use them to attract hires!

By combining the power of targeted digital job ads with multi-channel job posting, you can reduce the amount of unqualified applicants while saving time that was spent on posting jobs manually on each portal.

Applicant Screening Automation

As an ex-recruiter, I used to read through hundreds of CVs a day. It was an extremely time- consuming and inefficient task, having to slowly (and manually) open each email and reading Microsoft Word/ PDF CVs from email attachments. Moreover, I would spend half my day calling applicants to screen them with the same questions over and over. It was dreadful, and a waste of my time.

Thanks to technology and automation, the days are brighter! I now use an interview chat bot that does all the work for me. The bot screens applicants versus job requirements, asks them the initial screening questions I would want them to answer, and ranks them by most relevant. This is particularly useful if you’re doing high-volume recruitment; sometimes you just need to know the availability period and years of experience! Instead of digging through confusing CVs, the bot will jump straight to the important questions you need answered.

Best of all, I no longer need to schedule applicants for interview; the bot automatically invites the top 10% of applicants for interviews.

Interview Automation

Stage 3 is the hardest to automate, due to the complex nature of interviewing. There’s nothing quite like the human touch, but even then, interviews can benefit from new technologies such as virtual interviews and digital interviews. I can now save time by allowing a bot to ask questions through a one-way interview video call, and then use that footage to further screen potential candidates. Of course, candidates that are shortlisted after will still have to meet with a recruiter in the end, but there’s a big difference in time savings between meeting 20 candidates versus meeting with 10 finalists!

At GrabJobs, our aim is to create a fully automated and seamless recruitment process so that your HR team can focus on productive tasks such as face-to-face meetings, personnel development and employee engagement. The GrabJobs platform automates Talent Attraction by posting your jobs on over 15 job-sites and posting online digital ads with just a click of a single button. It then automates screening and interview scheduling with a proprietary interview chat bot.

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About the Author:

Emmanuel Crouy is passionate about technology and innovation and constantly strives to find solutions to real world problems. Emmanuel graduated from McGill University with a BSc. degree in Computer Science. He started his career as a Software Developer in Singapore before making a career switch as a Recruitment Consultant. Shortly after he co-founded Aster Lion, a recruitment firm, with Mark Melo. It was his mixed background in Technology, Recruitment and Entrepreneurship that led him to conceive GrabJobs.

About GrabJobs:

Mobile-first and innovation-driven, GrabJobs is one of the most efficient job search portals, connecting millions of jobseekers and employers. It enables employers to post jobs, automate the applicant screening and filtering process and effectively manage candidates throughout the hiring process.

GrabJobs is used by over 20,000 companies worldwide.

Featuring all the hiring tools you need in one platform:

  • Post jobs on multiple platforms in a few clicks – Reach millions of job seekers and build a competitive candidate pipeline.
  • Automate applicant screening & scoring with interview chatbots – Stop spending long hours on recruitment, automate your initial online screening round.
  • Automate interview scheduling & video interviews – Take the pain out of appointment settling with GrabJobs built-in interview scheduling platform.
  • User-friendly Applicant Tracking System – Centralize your applicant profiles from all sources, keep track of progress and automate your hiring process.

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