NeuHR: Free HR Tool For Payslips That Meet Singapore MOM Guidelines

NeuHR is a HRIS tool made for Singapore-based companies that enables your payroll and staff payslips to adhere to MOM guidelines – for free.

by NeuHR

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, the daily challenges of managing HR tasks can be overwhelming. When resources are often limited, and getting payroll done on time every month is of the essence, dealing with complex compensation calculations, leave requests, and employee communications can add to HR teams’ stress.

However, there’s a solution that can alleviate these burdens and improve your HR processes’ efficiently — NeuHR, a cost-effective HR solution designed with Singapore SMEs in mind.

Efficient payroll management: Save on your budget and time

Payroll management is a critical yet often complex and time-consuming task. For SMEs, paying different employee payslips and claims on time is key to keeping staff happy, yet can involve lots of manual calculations to achieve.

NeuHR can simplify your payroll management, eliminating the need for convoluted spreadsheets and reducing the risk of costly errors.

Streamlining your payroll processes ensures that your employees are paid accurately and promptly, and able to get their tax returns processed on time. After helping you generate staff payslips that meet MOM guidelines, NeuHR lets you focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

Simplified leave management: Effortless time-off requests

As much as you trust your staff to take leave responsibly, you don’t want approving leave requests to be a hassle. NeuHR’s user-friendly interface lets your team to request time off quickly, so you can approve their applications in a snap.

By simplifying leave management, NeuHR empowers your employees to plan ahead instead of waiting around for your approval, while freeing up your HR team to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Transparent payslips and one-stop claims: Boost trust and efficiency

Transparency plays a crucial role in efficient HR management – having all compensation components and deductions tracked and accounted for on payslips will reduce the enquiries you have to attend to. NeuHR’s electronic payslips and online claim processing forms not only reduces paperwork but also ensures happy paydays for all.

As employees will also get easy access to their payslips and can track the statuses of their claims, the NeuHR tool also helps you foster a culture of openness and efficiency.

Company events, rosters, announcements: Connect your team seamlessly

Clear and timely communication is essential for the success of your staff – and this includes simple information such as company events, department rosters, and staff announcements. Once everyone is connected on NeuHR and informed about the basic information they all need to know, you get a more engaged and informed workforce who can collaborate better.

Affordable and user-friendly: Tailored for SMEs

What sets NeuHR apart is its affordability and user-friendliness. If you run a smaller business and seek fundamental HR software features, you can get started on the complimentary plan. Alternatively, an affordable paid plan at just $49 per month includes payroll, leave management, company circulars, reports, and claims for mid-sized companies of up to 50 staff.

SMEs working around financial constraints can make use of this cost-effective alternative to many complicated HRIS tools without compromising on functionality.  

Reclaim Your Time with NeuHR: Invest in Efficiency

Support your hardworking HR team with NeuHR – take the first step towards simplifying their work and reducing their stress with a free demo on NeuHR’s website. You’ll reclaim your time by reducing the back-and-forth of nitty-gritty tasks with this payroll and manpower management tool already used by many Singapore SMEs. 

About the Author:

Athene Wong is a HR consultant who specializes in helping SMEs streamline their HR processes for improved productivity. She is passionate about empowering Singapore organisations achieve their HR goals with the help of innovative solutions such as NeuHR. 

About NeuHR:

NeuHR is a FREE all-in-one office management system that can help you. They are a Singapore-based SaaS company that specializes in automated HR solutions. Their mission is to help SMEs save costs by automating aspects of HR and tedious admin work that otherwise take up a lot of manhours.

When NeuHR first started its companies, they needed a solution on the market that would meet MOM payroll guidelines. However, there was no affordable system out there that they felt met their needs well, and so they decided to build their own. NeuHR added more features over the last 5 years so the system would handle everything.


  • Employee onboarding
  • Leave management
  • Payroll processing
  • Team overview
  • Calendar management
  • Company feed
  • Circular and Announcements

A main requirement for them was compliance with regulatory requirements and helping SMEs meet this. NeuHR then optimized the product over the years through rigorous internal testing, before putting this on the market at what they feel is a very affordable rate compared to other HR solutions.

NeuHR’s wider team comprises of experienced managers, HR professionals, and software engineers who have fine-tuned the system together to create a seamless HR process that every SME deserves to help.

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