October 2022: Global Recruitment Trends

The report offers valuable insight to hiring executives, managers, and enterprises to build a clear recruitment strategy and understand the global factors that play a vital role in recruitment.

by Vanshita Agarwal, Marketing Analyst, hrtech

The RChilli Global Recruitment Trends report outlines the hiring patterns during the month of October 2022. It offers helpful information to the recruiting managers, Talent Acquisition (TA) teams, and business leaders, enabling them to design a clear recruitment strategy and assist in recognizing the global variables essential to recruitment.

Out of the many trends in hiring & career movement across a range of sectors, let’s look at the three most interesting statistics on recruitment trends in Oct 2022 :

Resume Pages: 

A fascinating observation was made based on the length of the resume in each category. There was a 49.63% rise in resumes between 7- 100 pages. 4-6 page resumes witnessed a reduction of 23.26%, followed by 1-3 page resumes at 31.30%, 11–15 page resumes at 33.22% and resumes longer than 15 pages at 63.06%.

Resume Languages:

 In terms of linguistic breakdown of resumes, Vietnamese rose by 194.46%, followed by Croatian and Indonesian by 69.49% and 68.38%, respectively. Russia occupies the fourth spot, followed by PortugueseSerbian and Azerbaijani showed monthly declines of 58.33% and 60.01%, respectively.

Applicants & Countries

In terms of growth of applications received among the major economies, Canada came out on top with 151.95%, followed by Indonesia (88.70%). Saudi Arabia took third place with a growth of 56.29%, ahead of Malaysia and Egypt, which came in at 27.24% and 22.68%, respectively.​

Expand your knowledge of hiring practices by spotting key recruitment trends globally and future proof your talent acquisition process by reading the RChilli Global Recruitment Trends – October 2022.

About the author :

Vanshita Agarwal is a part of the Marketing team at hrtech.

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