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Revitalizing Recruitment: Strategies for Hiring in the Post-COVID Era

Revitalizing Recruitment-Strategies for Hiring in the Post-COVID Era

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a sea of changes in the way businesses operated. It changed the way companies hire, engage, and retain talent.

by Jobma

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a sea of changes in how businesses operated. It changed the way companies hire, engage, and retain talent. Remote working became the norm, Zoom and Team video calls were ubiquitous, and the recruitment process became digital (specifically one-way video interviews). We at Jobma interacted with HR people from across the globe and from different industries. The unified response was that everyone looked at these changes as positive enforcement.

As the pandemic has started to recede and the world is slowly coming to grips with working in a Post-COVID era, we need to ask ourselves – What did we learn? Are the changes that came into being during that transitionary period becoming permanent? And how did Recruitment evolve?

One of the notable changes in the HR function, specifically in Recruitment, is its transition into a data-oriented process. And it comes as no surprise since the digitization of the hiring process inevitably generated a large volume of data points.

At Jobma, we have always believed in giving recruiters additional information and tools to make better hiring decisions. We are elated to witness the adoption of Video Interviews (both one way and life) becoming the norm today. And we are already hard at work building the next phase of the Digital Interviewing ecosystem – AI Proctoring.

Over the last few years, AI has grown from just being a buzzword to technology connecting great candidates with recruiters. AI can not only help you find better candidates, but it can also help you reduce the amount of time you spend on finding them. All the while, it adds a degree of fairness to your hiring process.

The Jobma AI solution will validate your candidate’s interviews to add absolute integrity to your screening system. Our system will be able to monitor and provide you with the data points you would need to make informed hiring decisions. This ensures that you hire top talent with relevant skills that suit the job profile.

Tracking and capturing location and IP would ensure that your candidates are attending the interview from the right place. This enables you to monitor tracking alerts when candidates are out of frame. Device alerts will ensure that opening external apps, switching tabs, and copy-pasting data will be highlighted. This will prove beneficial in hiring a candidate that has honestly passed the assessment.

Additionally, the Jobma Video Interview system will also be able to identify multiple device logins, lip-syncing, track multiple attempts, check plagiarism and limit the interview exits. Using AI, we can then calculate, with exceptionally high accuracy, the probability of a candidate cheating during their assessment. The AI will also be able to provide detailed reports and audits of the entire system for additional compliance.

This reduces the hiring time considerably without compromising the quality of hires. Our video interview software is designed to modernize your hiring process at scale. The blend of AI will make your work easier and faster.

Increasing Demand for Video Interviews

Video interviews were used by a few companies even before the pandemic, but only as a last resort. Face-to-face interviews were the norm to the extent that recruiters preferred to cancel or reschedule the interview and then do it online. But after the pandemic, the popularity of video interviews has increased exponentially. Many employers now realize that virtual hiring is more efficient, and they can hire star candidates remotely. Virtual interviews have become the default mode of assessment for many organizations across the globe.

Increased Demand for Social Media Recruiting

Another change in the post-COVID world is the increased demand for social media. Social media platforms have always played a significant role in the hiring process, but the role has undoubtedly accelerated after the expansion of remote work. Many companies now rely on these platforms to seek candidates who align with their organizational culture. Social media hiring is going to stick here in the future as well.

‘Flexible Work Arrangements’ is a Priority

Although the demand for flexible work arrangements has always been a challenge for employers, the pandemic has considerably exacerbated it. With the growing demand for flexible work arrangements, video interviews have also drastically gained immense popularity. Our video interviewing tool makes the hiring process simple and effective. This video interviewing tool allows recruiters to hire talent beyond geographical boundaries.

Employer Branding is More Important than Ever

In the post-COVID era, company culture plays an essential role in recruitment. This has increased the importance of employer branding enormously. Job seekers always opt for companies with the strong employer brand. You can’t deny that companies attract quality candidates if they have a strong employer brand. We must understand that having an excellent organizational reputation is critical to attracting quality candidates.


Hiring priorities have changed after the COVID-19 pandemic. The recruitment process is primarily shifted to a virtual world. In addition to transforming the hiring process, many other hiring priorities have also changed. Now, employers don’t just pay attention to candidates’ qualifications; they also look for requisite skills for the job profile. Moreover, finding candidates that align with your company culture remains important.

We are moving towards a world of happier candidates and more efficient recruiters. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

About the Author:

Jobma is a digital interviewing platform, designed to save HR teams’ time and money when screening and hiring employees. Their innovative use of pre-recorded & live video interviews, audio interviews and digital assessments give employers the capability to drastically improve their quality of hire.

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