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While a team of experienced professionals is needed for making better business decisions, having HRIS software can make the task of HR managers quite easy.

by Manu Khetan,  Founder & CEO, Rolling Arrays

Every company, no matter what it does, needs to have a system in place for managing its employees. Human resource is an integral part of any business and is essential for its growth and sustainability. While a team of experienced professionals is needed for making better business decisions, having HRIS software can make the task of HR managers quite easy. To know all about it, read on

Which HRIS fits best for my Company?

When it comes to deciding which HRIS software fits your company, it is important to know about the two kinds of HRIS software available. One kind provides its services in a certain region and is equipped to work best locally by following the law of the land. This is great for small and medium businesses that only have employees in one country. The other kind is best suited for big enterprises with an employee base spanning multiple countries. These HRIS software solutions can perform locally as well as cross-border, to create a company-wide database of employees from several countries. These are pricier than the first kind but are packed with lots of features as well.

Addressing the Void

The presence of extremes when it comes to the nature of HRIS software creates a void for growing businesses that do have some employees working in different countries but are not a big enterprise yet. Local HRIS software is limited to their own country and serves customers that share the same employee base. On the other hand, bigger players that provide large coverage along with a horde of other features can cost a lot. Hence, many businesses require something that can integrate the HR processes of different countries but does not come with extra bells and whistles. Software solutions like Rhombus HR that are intuitive and can be easily integrated with tax, leaves, salary, and other laws of different regions can offer good value in this regard.

Rhombus: The New HR

For a growing business that is scaling fast, Rhombus HR can work as a HR team on its own to provide analytics insights and address common employee issues without using many resources. It can also take care of a lot of core HR services like leave management, payroll, employee documentation, time-off management, and more. The software can seamlessly blend with the existing ecosystem of a company and serve as a unified platform for employee management.

Being a dynamic HRIS software, Rhombus HR is suitable for companies that have employees distributed around the world but are still in the initial stages of expansion. Committing to a full-fledged HRIS solution at this stage could be unfavorable for such companies as they might end up wasting their money on unnecessary features and gimmicks. On the other hand, using local solutions for every country can be inexpensive, but it can become a nuisance to gather and compile data from different sources. Rhombus integrates the features of both into one intelligent solution without burning a hole in a company’s pocket.

Best Suited for Dynamic Businesses

Rhombus can be configured as per the business requirements of a company and is flexible enough to comply with the policies of different countries easily. Companies can create leave policies, tax laws, salary mandates, and other such business processes as per the local statutory laws for their employees. Its deep configuration engine allows HR professionals to add different rules for different locations and scenarios. This helps in streamlining employee data from every region into a single Rhombus platform for easy access and analysis.

With end-to-end integration and an automated HR repository, Rhombus is equipped to perform a plethora of core HR services for any business. It is easy to implement in any business environment and simplifies many tasks that an HR professional would otherwise have to do on their own. It captures employee data from different sectors and across verticals to provide real-time and accurate information about every employee of a company, no matter where they are.

Since the onset of the pandemic and owing to the current working conditions, remote work is on the rise, and having a multinational team has become more normal than ever. But having to buy another software or pay huge amounts of money only to include a handful of employees isn’t a viable option for all businesses. Rhombus provides the creative freedom that HR professionals require to incorporate a distributed team. Visualization of consolidated data drives well-informed HR practices to better assist each employee.

Rolling Arrays

About the Author :

A recognized HR-Tech leader known for crafting a strategic vision to achieve business goals, Manu offers a unique blend of executive acumen and hand-picked team-building skills at Rolling Arrays. As Chief Executive Officer, Manu has built a niche HRIT Organisation & numerous HR products like Reimburse, CICO, Rhombus that have consistently delivered excellence in modern software solutions in the field of Human Resources, Cloud and AI.

Under Manu’s leadership, Rolling Arrays was featured twice amongst Singapore’s top 100 Fastest-Growing Organisations list in 2020 and 2021 in the leading newspaper of Singapore “The Straits Times”, along with ’Best Cloud Partner of the Year’, ‘Cloud Champion Award South East Asia’, ‘Best Niche (HR) Cloud Partner’ and many more awards.

Prior to Rolling Arrays, Manu has worked for SAP Labs in Germany, Bulgaria, Israel and India, and thereafter consulted for various blue-chip clients worldwide. Manu holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi and a certificate in Leading Professional Service Firms from Harvard Business School. LinkedIn

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