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Top 6 Digital HR Skilling Programs

New skills and competencies are in demand as the world becomes increasingly innovation-driven. With the constantly evolving business needs, upskilling is no longer an option but a necessity.

by Sanika Sarmalkar, Junior Consultant, hrtech

New HR skills and competencies are in demand as the world becomes increasingly innovation-driven. With the constantly evolving business needs, upskilling is no longer an option but a necessity. To help HR professionals enhance their industry-relevant Digital HR skills as a part of their upskilling journey, we have compiled a list of “Best-In-Class Digital HR Skilling Programs” in Singapore. 

If you aspire to enhance your digital HR skills and are looking to pursue a coveted certification in Digital HR, here are some certifications to consider.

Professional Diploma in Digital Human Capital Leadership (by NUS-ISS and IHRP)

The Professional Diploma in Digital Human Capital Leadership is jointly awarded by the National University of Singapore – Institute of Systems Science (NUS-ISS) and The Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP). This program offers a unique learning and digital upskilling experience by integrating knowledge and application through a series of 5 short training courses having a duration of 2-3 days each.
These courses enable self-paced learning by offering separate learning modules that cover key digital HR skills that impact the organisation’s transformation outcomes. Participants are taught through classroom lectures, group discussions, and experiential workshops.

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NBS’s FlexiMasters (By Nanyang Business School)

Nanyang Business School (NBS) in Singapore has specifically curated advanced graduate-level FlexiMasters business courses for you to acquire the knowledge and skills to boost your career prospects and be future-ready.
Furthermore, with the NBS FlexiMasters certificate, which covers half the academic load of a Master’s program, working adults have the choice to transfer the completed courses to a relevant NBS Master’s program should they wish to pursue an NBS Master’s degree.
FlexiMasters micro-credential also aims to support the learning needs of working adults and encourage them to embrace reskilling and upskilling opportunities. This certification aims at improving the digital proficiency for HR professionals.

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Specialist Diploma in Enhanced Human Resource Skills (by Singapore Polytechnic)

Singapore Poly’s Specialised Diploma course is designed to support Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s direction in maximising people’s potential, enhancing human capital development, and raising the overall standards of the HR profession in Singapore.The digital HR certification course provides students with working knowledge on design thinking tools to be more user-centric in dealing with HR challenges around systems, processes, procedures and policies.

This is one of the most effective HR analytics courses available in singapore. This program equips students with the skills to utilise HR analytics tools and techniques to assess and solve HR and business challenges.It also equips students with positive psychology knowledge and skills to engage others, maximise employees’ potential through coaching, and manage work relationships and performance in an organisation.

SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Program (by Korn Ferry)

This program by Korn Ferry is designed for Business-Ready HR Professionals looking to acquire the skills and mindset required for a successful, purpose-filled mid-career switch into HR. This digital HR course consists of a series of lectures, interactive discussions, and guided project work supported by an award-winning mobile learning app to enhance your overall learning experience.Over a period of 6 months, this course helps HR professionals upskill themselves and learn how to successfully carry out organisation-wide digital transformation.

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Advanced Certificate in Future Workforce Architecture (by IHRP, SHRM, SMUA)

The Advanced Certificate In Future Workforce Architecture, jointly designed, developed and organised by the Institute for HR Professionals (IHRP), the Society of HR Management (SHRM), and the Singapore Management University Academy (SMUA), is a 7-module and 12-day program. This is one of the best online courses for HR professionals and business leaders to understand how to develop a knowledgeable, strategically adept, cognitively flexible, and proficient workforce.

SHRM Courses on NTUC Learning Hub

HR aspirants and professionals can access best-in-class SHRM digital certification courses on the NTUC Learning Hub that leverages an ecosystem of leading industry and content partners to bring to you world-class HR training content.

Through these courses, you can acquire in-demand HR skills and industry-recognised digital certifications that will propel your career. The courses offered are – HR Advisory & Role as HRBP, Strategic Workforce Planning and HR Practices & Implementation Strategies.


The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. The above-mentioned digital HR certification courses will help you boost your skills, abilities, and marketability by leaps and bounds. The HR world is embracing technology and it’s high time HR professionals upskill themselves to stay ahead of the curve.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based primarily on secondary research and whatever relevant information shared is available in the public domain.

About the author :

Sanika Sarmalkar is part of the Digital HR Advisory & Consulting team at hrtech. With a Masters in HRM and a background in creative content writing, she is a HRTech evangelist who aims to encourage Enterprise HR Teams to adopt new-age HRTech solutions, and thereby enable their transition into becoming a Strategic HR Business Partner.

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