Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems In Singapore

Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems In Singapore

In this guide, we’ll share the top 10 applicant tracking systems in Singapore.

From small startups to large enterprises, you’ll find the right ATS solution for every company size.

Company Size:

ATS In Singapore:

Small Businesses

IoTalents, BambooHR, X0PA AI

Growing Mid-Sized Companies

ZappyHire, Workable, Comeet, RecruiterPal

Large Enterprises

Greenhouse, Ceipal, HRiQ

Plus, at the end of this guide, you’ll also find some essential tips to choose the best ATS for your company. Read on to explore more.

Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems In Singapore

1. HRiQ – Best Overall Pick For ATS In Singapore


Overall Score: 9/10

Pricing: Available on request

HRiQ is an all-in-one HR software solution based in Singapore. It has over 450 customers and more than 90,000 users worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Makes the hiring process smoother with an online job portal.

  • Lets you customize job postings and choose the best candidates.

  • Automatically shares data with employee records.

  • Has an easy-to-fill joining form for new hires to get started quickly.

  • Candidate evaluation using assessment forms for faster and more efficient hiring.


  • Training required to use all features to their full potential.

  • Customized limited compared to other advanced ATS.

  • Reporting features are relatively limited as compared to other dedicated ATS.

Best For: Big Companies, Businesses with Complex Hiring Needs, Organizations Looking For A Complete HR Solution

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You need an ATS for a big organization with complex hiring needs.

You want an ATS for a small business with simple hiring needs.

You prefer data-driven hiring decisions.

You prefer a dedicated ATS solution without extra features.

You’re looking to automate most of your HR processes.

You need advanced reporting and customization options.

For organizations in Singapore looking for a complete ATS solution, HRiQ is the best overall pick.

However, if you have unique, high-volume hiring needs, other options like Greenhouse, Ceipal, or ZappyHire are better.

But for most mid-scale to large-scale enterprises in Singapore with a requirement for an all-in-one recruitment software, HRiQ is a great choice.

>> Learn more about HRiQ

2. IoTalents – Best ATS In Singapore For Small Businesses


Overall Score: 6.5/10

Pricing: Available on Request

​​IoTalents is a Singapore-based company that offers ATS solutions for hiring managers to organize their recruitment processes.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Career Page Builder for branded job posting.

  • Video Assessment for automated talent screening.

  • Dashboard for easy job posting and management.

  • Automated interview scheduling for efficient hiring workflow.

  • Collaborative hiring for better hiring decisions.


  • Basic modules and features.

  • No advanced automation features available.

  • Limited integration features.

Best For: First-Time Users, Small Hiring Teams, Small-Scale Companies

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You want a quick ATS solution

You have complex hiring requirements

You only need basic ATS features like job posting, dashboard for management

You also need CRM (candidate relationship management) features

You prefer collaborative hiring through an easy-to-use software

You need modern and more featured-packed solution

If you’re looking for a basic ATS solution from a local company, then IoTalents is a great choice.

Although if you want an all-in-one HR solution along with ATS or a dedicated specialized ATS solution with lots of features, it isn’t the right fit. In that case, other softwares like BambooHR and Workable are better picks.

But overall, for companies that are looking to shift to a simple software solution from manual work without a big learning curve, IoTalents is worth a try.

>> Learn more about IoTalents

3. RecruiterPal – Best All-In-One ATS In Singapore For Startups And Enterprises


Overall Score: 9.1/10

Pricing: Available on request (14-days free trial available)

RecruiterPal is a user-friendly ATS designed to help startups in Singapore manage their hiring process efficiently.

With its focus on simplifying recruitment workflows and providing modern tools, RecruiterPal has quickly gained popularity among growing businesses.

Key Features:

  • Remote interview management and e-signed offers for seamless hiring.

  • Easy collaboration with relevant team members for approvals.

  • Integrated analytics for data-driven insights on talent acquisition.

  • Intelligent auto-fill of candidate information to reduce manual errors.

  • Recruitment marketing tools to attract the right talents.


  • May not have as many advanced features as some advanced enterprise-level ATS.

  • Integration options with other HR systems might be limited.

  • There are many features, which can feel a bit overwhelming for first-time users. There is also a learning curve present.

Best For: Startups, Growing Businesses, Enterprises

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You need scalable and feature-packed ATS

You need a simple ATS with basic hiring features

You need a user-friendly ATS that’s easy to implement.

You’ve a limited budget to spend on an ATS.

You prefer collaborative hiring features.

You don’t have high-volume hiring needs.

If you’re looking for a Singapore-based ATS solution with all the essential features, such as talent acquisition, marketing, reporting, recruitment pipeline, and compliance, RecruiterPal is the perfect choice.

Although it can be a little expensive for small hiring teams and early-stage startups, a better option for them would be IoTalents or Workable.

But if you’re looking for a feature-packed recruitment software with built-in automation features and a user-friendly interface, Recruit Pal is a great fit.

>> Learn more about RecruiterPal

4. X0PA AI – Best AI-Powered ATS In Singapore


Overall Score: 7/10

Pricing: Available on request

​X0PA AI, another software company based in Singapore, was started in 2017. It has quickly become popular among businesses that want to use AI for fair hiring, saving time and money while finding candidates with the right skills, values, and attitude.

Key Features:

  • Special AI algorithms for unbiased candidate screening.

  • Automatic interview scheduling to make hiring smoother.

  • Smart analytics to find top talents and improve hiring strategies.

  • Data-based insights and reports for making informed choices.

  • Easy integration with over 54 HR, talent management and job boards.


  • Initial implementation can take some time.

  • Training required to learn how to properly use the tool to its full potential.

  • Some talent management features could have been more in-depth.

Best For: Companies of All Sizes Preferring Automation, Growing Startups 

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You want to use AI to make hiring easier and unbiased

You don’t prefer AI and automation for candidate screening.

You like using data to make hiring decisions.

You’re looking for an all-in-one feature packed ATS.

You need a solid integration option with your current HR tools.

You’re on a tight budget and need only basic hiring features.

For startups and companies of all sizes that prefer integrating an AI-powered recruiting solution in their tech stack, X0PA AI is a great fit.

Its AI chatbot makes prescreening and talking to candidates much easier. Plus, its smart analytics feature helps you find top talent and improve your hiring strategies based on data-driven insights.

But if you’re more used to a normal hiring approach or don’t have the tech resources to support an AI-powered ATS, you might prefer BambooHR or Workable.

Still, X0PA AI is worth trying for companies in Singapore that are interested in organizing their hiring processes with the help of dedicated automated solutions.

>> Learn more about X0PA AI

5. ZappyHire – Best ATS For Fast Growing Companies In Singapore


Overall Score: 8/10

Pricing: Available on Request

ZappyHire is an all-in-one recruitment platform designed to help fast-growing companies in Singapore hire top talent quickly and efficiently.

With its focus on automation and AI-powered features, ZappyHire has become a popular choice for businesses looking to scale their hiring efforts without sacrificing quality.

Key Features:

  • AI-based candidate assessments for data-driven hiring decisions.

  • Automated resume parsing for quick and accurate candidate screening.

  • Collaborative hiring tools to involve team members in the process.

  • Branded career site to attract top talent and build employer brand.

  • Automated video interviews for a fair evaluation of every applicant.


  • Some features may require additional training for best use.

  • Customization options for complex hiring workflows can be limited.

  • Pricing structure may not be suitable for companies with low hiring volume.

Best For: Fast-Growing Startups, Companies with High-Volume Hiring Needs

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You need to hire a lot of people quickly as your company grows.

You have a very small team with limited hiring needs.

You want to use AI and automation to make hiring faster and easier.

You have highly advanced hiring requirements that need custom workflows.

You value collaborative hiring and involving your hiring team in the process.

You’ve a tight budget and need only basic recruitment features.

If you have a very small team or specialized hiring needs, a more basic ATS like RecruiterPal or BambooHR might be a better option.

But ZappyHire is an excellent all-in-one recruitment platform for most fast-growing companies in Singapore.

It combines automation, AI, and collaboration features to help you build a strong employer brand, attract top talent, and scale your hiring efforts easily.

>> Learn more about ZappyHire

6. Ceipal – Best ATS In Singapore For Agencies


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Pricing: Available on request

Ceipal is a global applicant tracking system that has been helping recruitment agencies in Singapore and worldwide boost their hiring efforts.

With over 2,500 organizations in its user-base, it has become a go-to choice for companies looking to improve their hiring processes.

Key Features:

  • Integration with 50+ job boards for wider reach.

  • Instant AI-powered candidate matching and ranking for job requirements.

  • Targeted job marketing on social media and branded career portal.

  • AI-powered candidate analytics to improve placement success rates.

  • Simple new hire onboarding and better reporting features.


  • Primarily made for agencies, so it may not fit all types of companies.

  • Pricing can be higher compared to basic ATS solutions.

  • Initial setup can take some time and it has a slight learning curve.

Best For: Agencies, Enterprises, Companies With High Volume Recruitment Needs

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You need an ATS solution customized just for the agency work environment.

You need ATS for a small company with basic hiring needs.

You need to simultaneously post jobs across multiple job boards.

You prefer a simpler ATS without advanced AI features.

You want to improve your candidate engagement and placement success rate.

You have a limited budget for recruitment software.

If you want an ATS for a small company with basic hiring needs or prefer a simpler ATS, solutions like RecruiterPal or IoTalents might be more suitable. These platforms offer essential features at a lower cost and are easier to implement for companies new to applicant tracking systems.

That said, Ceipal is a top choice for recruitment agencies in Singapore that want a powerful and feature-packed ATS.

Its AI-driven features, extensive integrations, and focus on improving candidate engagement makes it worth a try for agencies and mid-scale to large-scale companies.

>> Learn more about Ceipal

7. BambooHR – Best Easy-To-Use ATS In Singapore


Overall Score: 8.7/10

Pricing: Available on request

BambooHR is a user-friendly HR software that offers an applicant tracking system as part of its all-in-one HR suite.

Founded in 2008, BambooHR has become a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an easy-to-use solution to manage their recruitment and HR processes.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy implementation.

  • Employee database and reporting for centralized data management.

  • Customizable offer letter templates and e-signature integration.

  • Seamless integration with BambooHR’s onboarding module.

  • Collaborative hiring with easy involvement of hiring managers.


  • May not be suitable for companies planning significant growth.

  • Limited customization options for complex hiring workflows.

  • Lack of advanced AI-powered features for candidate matching.

Best For: Small to Medium-Sized Businesses, Companies New to ATS

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You want an easy-to-use ATS that requires minimal training.

You have a high-volume hiring requirement and need a dedicated ATS.

You value an all-in-one HR suite that includes an ATS.

You require advanced AI-powered features for candidate matching.

You want to organize your hiring processes without complexity or overwhelming features.

You have complex hiring workflows that need extensive customization.

For small-to-medium-sized businesses in Singapore that need an easy-to-use ATS solution, BambooHR is a top choice. In addition to ATS, it comes with other integrated features related to payroll, onboarding, reporting, and performance management.

BambooHR is not a dedicated ATS solution, though. Instead, it’s an all-in-one HR suite ideal for small businesses. So for advanced hiring needs with in-depth modules, the better option would be Greenhouse.

But it’s a great choice if you’re looking for simple, easy-to-use HR software with basic ATS features.

>> Learn more about BambooHR

8. Comeet – Best ATS In Singapore For Collaborative Hiring


Overall Score: 7.5/10

Pricing: Available on request

​Comeet is a dedicated ATS for hiring teams operating on a global level. It is especially known for its specialized collaborative hiring features.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface customized for collaborative hiring.

  • Automated interview scheduling to reduce candidate drop-off.

  • AI-powered interview scorecards and questions for consistent hiring.

  • Pipeline dashboard for real-time updates and insights.

  • Integrated recruiting analytics for data-driven decisions.


  • Some modules could have been more in-depth.

  • Advanced customization for complex workflow not available.

  • Pricing can be higher compared to other basic ATS solutions.

Best For: Companies Preferring Collaborative Hiring, Fast-Growing Startups

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You prefer speeding up the hiring process through automation.

You have a small, local team with basic hiring needs.

You want your HR team members to be more involved in the hiring decisions.

You prefer a hands-on approach to recruitment without much automation.

You value data driven insights in your hiring process.

You have complex hiring requirements and need advanced customizations.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly ATS solution customized for collaborative hiring, Comeet is the perfect choice.

It has built-in integrations with communication softwares and automation features for tasks. So HR teams can communicate among them at every stage of the hiring process and make faster decisions.

For complex hiring needs at scale, it is not the best fit though. For that, go with ZappyHire or Ceipal. But overall, for improving teamwork among HR managers and organizing your entire hiring process, Comeet is a solid option.

>> Learn more about Comeet

9. Workable – Best ATS For Mid-Sized Businesses


Overall Score: 9/10

Pricing: Starts at $149/month for up to 50 employees (15-days free trial available)

Workable is a well-known applicant tracking system that has been helping mid-sized businesses simplify their hiring processes since 2012.

With a user-base of over 27,000 businesses, it has become a popular choice for its ease of use, extensive job board integrations, and powerful automation features.

Key Features:

  • Automatic job posting to 200+ job boards.

  • Interview kits, scorecards, and video interviews for fair evaluations.

  • Advanced reporting, analytics, and compliance tools for data-driven hiring.

  • AI-powered candidate recommendations and targeted outreach.

  • Multi-language support and career page builders.


  • Difficult to scale for larger companies.

  • Analytics and reporting features could have been more detailed when compared to other high-end ATS solutions.

  • Pricing can be high for those with limited budgets.

Best For: Small Companies, Mid-Sized Businesses, Early-Stage Startups

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You need to automate repetitive tasks and speed up time to hire.

You want an ATS for a growing large-scale enterprise with high-volume hiring needs

You want a feature-packed ATS at a budget-friendly price point.

You need in-depth reporting features.

You want to reach a wide pool of candidates through extensive job board integrations.

You have a limited budget and only basic hiring requirements.

For mid-sized companies with less than 200 employees on average, and stable hiring needs, Workable is the best choice.

In fact, it doesn’t come on a per employee pricing plan but instead charges you a flat fee every month up to a certain number of employees.

Plus, the software is easy-to-use and has all the essential features related to hiring including career page building options and multi-language support. It also integrates well with all the top job boards making your hiring process more convenient.

For larger companies or companies planning to hire in volume, it isn’t the right fit though. For that case, go with Greenhouse or other high end ATS solutions. However, Workable is a great choice for its user-friendly interface.

You also get good customer support similar to what you get with BambooHR. This means whenever you’re stuck on any issues, there’s someone to guide you along.

This makes it especially useful for beginner ATS users or companies looking to upgrade to a digital solution for the first-time.

>> Learn more about Workable

10. Greenhouse – Best ATS In Singapore For Large Enterprises


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Pricing: Available on request

Greenhouse is a leading applicant tracking system designed for large enterprises with complex hiring needs.

Founded in 2012, Greenhouse has become a trusted choice for thousands of top companies worldwide especially for its ease of use when compared to other softwares with a steep learning curve like Workday or ADP.

Key Features:

  • Talent sourcing tools to find and engage top candidates.

  • Structured interviewing and decision-making tools for fair evaluations.

  • Onboarding module to simplify new hire processes.

  • Advanced reporting and insights for data-driven hiring decisions.

  • Extensive integrations with popular HR tools and job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter.


  • Higher pricing compared to other basic ATS solutions due to enterprise-level features.

  • Although easier to use and implement than other softwares like Workday, it can still take some time to learn all the advanced features and implement it properly.

  • For small businesses with basic hiring needs, most of its features would be more than needed.

Best For: Large Enterprises, Companies with Complex Hiring Needs, Organizations Focusing on Candidate Experience

✅ Choose If:

❌ Don’t Choose If:

You require customizable workflows to support your unique hiring processes.

You have a limited budget and can’t afford the higher pricing.

You want to provide a top-notch candidate experience throughout the hiring journey.

You need a simple ATS that’s easy to implement and use.

You have a large organization with high-volume hiring needs.

You don’t require extensive customization options or advanced features.

For large enterprises in Singapore looking for a powerful ATS to support complex hiring needs, Greenhouse is a great choice.

However, solutions like IoTalents or RecruiterPal are more suitable for small businesses with basic hiring needs or a limited budget. These platforms offer simpler features and easier implementation at a lower cost.

Overall, Greenhouse is a top choice for large enterprises in Singapore that want a feature-packed and customizable ATS to support their hiring needs. 

>> Learn more about Greenhouse

Tips To Choose The Best Applicant Tracking Systems In Singapore

Here are some top tips to consider for selecting the best ATS in Singapore:

Company Size Matters:

The size of your company plays a big role in deciding which ATS is the best fit.

If you’re a small business with less than 50 employees, you might want to look for an ATS with simple, easy-to-use features like job posting and candidate management.

On the other hand, if you’re a large enterprise with over 500 employees, you’ll need an ATS that can handle high-volume hiring and offers advanced features like customizable workflows and in-depth reporting.

Key Features To Look For:

Regardless of your company size, there are some key features every good ATS should have:

  • Job posting and distribution to multiple job boards

  • Candidate management and tracking throughout the hiring process

  • Collaboration tools for hiring teams to share feedback and notes

  • Interview scheduling and coordination

  • Reporting and analytics to measure hiring success

These features are important because they help you attract more candidates, stay organized, make informed decisions, and ultimately hire the best talent for your team.

Consider Your Unique Requirements:

Beyond the essential features, think about your company’s specific hiring needs and challenges. For example:

  • Do you hire a lot of remote or international candidates? Look for an ATS with video interviewing and multi-language support.

  • Do you have a lengthy or complex hiring process? Choose an ATS with customizable workflows.

By considering your unique needs, you can narrow down your options and find an ATS that truly fits your company’s needs.

Get Inputs From Your Team:

Before making a final decision, get input from your hiring team, who will be using the ATS the most.

Ask other recruiters in your team, hiring managers, and interviewers what features they need to do their jobs effectively.

You can create a simple survey or hold a meeting to gather their thoughts. Then, make a list of must-have and nice-to-have features.

Getting input from everyone in the team will help you make better decisions when choosing the right ATS for your company. 


So, when it comes to choosing the best applicant tracking systems in Singapore, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

For instance, for small businesses with IoTalents and BambooHR are top choices and relatively affordable pricing compared to other high-end ATS options.

On the other hand, growing companies and startups will benefit from the scalability and advanced features of ZappyHire.

Whereas, large enterprises with complex hiring needs should consider Greenhouse for its customizable workflows and extensive integrations.

Ultimately, the best applicant tracking system in Singapore for your company will depend on factors like your team size, hiring volume, and specific requirements.

Be sure to evaluate the key features, get input from your hiring team, and consider your budget when making the final decision.

Need more help with selecting the right ATS solution for your company? Our HR experts can help you select the customized HR solution considering your company’s unique requirements. Visit hrtech to learn more now.


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