Top 14 HR Compliance Software In 2024

Top HR Compliance Software

Choosing the right HR compliance software can be tricky.

There are SO many options out there – that it’s just easier to feel overwhelmed by them.

Don’t worry, though. In this guide, we share our top 14 picks of HR compliance software with their key compliance features, pricing details, and more, so that you can easily find your perfect software solution.

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Best HR Compliance Software For 2024

#1. Gloroots – Best For Global Compliance And Contractor Management


Gloroots is a relatively newer company in the HR compliance space, founded in 2021.

It has quickly gained popularity among companies that hire employees and contractors across different countries.

Gloroots stands out for making global compliance and payroll management simple and worry-free.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Compliant Contracts – Gloroots provides contracts that are tailored to each country’s laws. The contracts are kept up-to-date as regulations change, so you can be confident you’re always compliant.

  • Compliant Offboarding – Gloroots’ experts are there to help you handle employee offboarding situations in a way that minimizes legal risks. They make sure all the necessary paperwork and processes are taken care of.

  • Global Payroll Management – With Gloroots, you can pay employees and contractors in different countries with just a few clicks all while staying fully compliant. The platform handles all the details, like tax deductions and currency conversions, to ensure everyone is paid accurately and on time.

Pricing: Starts at $29/month per contractor or $299/month per employee

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

For companies that want to reach global talents while staying fully compliant with all the HR processes, Gloroots is a great choice. It brings together everything you need to hire, pay, and manage a global team in one user-friendly interface.

Pricing is slightly on the expensive side, but it’s worth a try considering the level of service and all the features you get.

>> Learn more about Gloroots

#2. Globalization Partners – Best For Compliant Global Hiring And Payroll


Globalization Partners have been helping companies hire employees in different countries for over a decade now.

Many businesses like working with them because they make it easy to grow a global team while staying compliant with all the different laws and rules.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Global Employer of Record – Globalization Partners is your international hires’ legal employer. This means they handle all the paperwork, taxes, and other requirements to keep you compliant in each country.

  • Global Payroll – They make sure your international employees get paid on time and in the right amounts. They handle all the different tax rates and withholdings for each country.

  • Global Benefits Management – Globalization Partners helps you provide the right benefits for your international team. They make sure everything follows local laws and customs.

Pricing: Available via custom quote

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

For companies that are ready to hire internationally, Globalization Partners offers a complete solution for global HR compliance. They take on the legal responsibilities of being the employer in each country, which removes a huge burden from your shoulders.

Globalization Partners is especially well-suited for mid-size and larger businesses that want to hire in multiple countries without adding a lot of HR and legal complexity.

>> Learn more about Globalization Partners

#3. Tarmack – Best For Managing Global Team And Compliance


Tarmack has quickly gained attention for its comprehensive solution that helps businesses hire, pay, and manage employees and contractors around the world.

We selected Tarmack as the top choice for businesses that want a single platform to handle all aspects of managing a global workforce. 

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Global Employer of Record – With Tarmack, you can hire employees in over 150 countries without setting up your own entities. This saves you the time, expense, and hassle of establishing foreign subsidiaries. It also ensures your international hiring is fully compliant from day one.

  • Localized Contracts – Tarmack’s legal experts create employment agreements for your global hires that follow all the relevant laws and regulations in each country. So you can stay worry-free and fully compliant.

  • Global Payroll – With Tarmack, you can run payroll for all your international employees and contractors through a single platform. They handle the tax calculations and compliance for each country. You save hours of time and frustration by managing global payroll in one place.

Pricing: Starts at $39/month for each contractor, $99/month for each employee

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

Tarmack is an especially good fit for small and mid-size companies that are looking to hire globally for the first time.

Its comprehensive support can make all the difference for teams that don’t have a lot of global HR professionals in their team.

>> Learn more about Tarmack

#4. FlowTrack – Best For Ensuring Employee Data Compliance


FlowTrack is a relatively new software, founded in 2020, that has been gaining attention in the HR compliance space.

It helps companies keep an eye on how employees use applications and websites at work. This is important for making sure sensitive company data stays safe and that employees follow the rules.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Application Usage Monitoring  – FlowTrack keeps track of all the applications your employees use during work hours. This helps you make sure employees are using proper applications for their roles. It also lets you check that they’re not wasting time on apps that aren’t work-related which can in turn boost productivity and reduce data security risks from unnecessary app usage.

  • Website Activity Tracking – FlowTrack also notes all the websites your employees visit on company devices or networks. Based on your organization’s standards, it automatically categorizes sites as productive or unproductive. This is important for compliance, productivity, and bandwidth management.

  • Access Control – Careful access control is essential for protecting the company’s most important data assets. It helps you comply with strict data privacy regulations like GDPR or HIPAA. FlowTrack lets you see which employees are accessing essential company data and applications so that you can maintain an overall tight data security.

Pricing: Starts at only $1.99/month for each user.

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

For companies that handle a lot of important and sensitive data or work in heavily regulated industries, FlowTrack provides a powerful way to ensure employee compliance.

Its in-depth monitoring and reporting capabilities give HR and IT teams the visibility they need to manage data risks.

One thing that sets FlowTrack apart is its affordable per-user pricing. At just $1.99 per month per employee, it’s a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Unlike some other compliance tools that can be pricey, FlowTrack offers a lot of value for a reasonable price.

FlowTrack is a particularly good fit for midsize and larger companies with distributed workforces.

Its features are designed to give you a simple centralized view of employee activity across many different applications, websites, and data systems.

This can be really helpful for busy HR teams trying to manage compliance in multiple locations or departments.

>> Learn more about FlowTrack

#5. Multiplier – Best For Hiring And Managing Global Teams


Multiplier is an innovative HR compliance software that has been gaining popularity since its launch in 2020.

It’s a complete platform that makes payroll and compliance easier for global teams, allowing companies to hire and manage employees and contractors worldwide without hassle.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Employer of Record (EOR) Services – Multiplier’s EOR services allow you to quickly build a global team without the need for local entities or legal expertise. This saves time and reduces the risk of non-compliance.

  • Global Payroll Processing – Multiplier enables you to process payroll with full regulatory compliance across the globe removing the need of multiple payroll systems. This further saves time and resources in payroll management.

  • Contractor Management – With Multiplier, you can easily pay contractors in any country with full compliance. This feature makes it simple to work with international contractors and ensures that you stay compliant with local laws.

Pricing: Starts at $40/month for contractors and $400/month for employees

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

Multiplier is great for those looking for an all-in-one HR compliance software to help them manage a global workforce.

We picked Multiplier as the best software for hiring and managing global teams because it offers a unique set of features that sets it apart from other HR compliance solutions.

With Multiplier, you can onboard full-time employees in any country without having an entity there, starting at just $99 per employee per month. This means you can expand your business globally without worrying about the complexities of setting up a legal entity in each country.

The software’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make it easy to onboard, manage, and pay employees and contractors worldwide.

>> Learn more about Multiplier

#6. Atlas – Best HR Compliance Solution With In-Depth Insights


Atlas is a well-known HR compliance software that has been around for about 10 years. It’s a popular choice for companies looking to hire and manage talent from all over the world.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Data Insights – Easily expand your team globally and stay compliant by checking the data insights, rules, and regulations in each country. Make informed decisions about where to hire based on reliable data.

  • Employer of Record (EOR) Services – With Atlas, you can build remote teams anywhere in the world without needing to set up a local entity. Hire global talent quickly and easily.

  • Global Payroll – Atlas enables you to pay your global team with full compliance in over 160 countries. Save time and reduce errors with a centralized payroll system.

Pricing: Available via custom quote

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

For companies looking to hire global talent, Atlas is a great choice with its solid data insights and global payroll features.

Its data and country insights features allow you to get detailed understanding about rules and regulations in different countries, compare them, and also stay notified about any recent law changes.

All these features are especially for companies that are new to hiring globally and need guidance on compliance.

>> Learn more about Atlas

#7. ADP – Best HR Compliance Software For Large Companies


ADP has been a big name in HR for over seven decades. Their entire clientele base already reached the one million mark.

They help businesses of all sizes handle things like payroll, benefits, and making sure they follow all the rules.

Now, we picked ADP specifically as the best choice for large businesses and companies with global teams because they offer a wide range of solutions that can handle even the most tricky HR situations.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • ADP SmartCompliance – This smart system helps you take care of all your HR compliance needs in one place. It covers things like payroll taxes, paying employees, and more. Makes handling compliance easier across your whole company.

  • ACA Compliance Support – ADP helps you stay on top of all the rules and reporting related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Takes the stress out of dealing with complex healthcare laws.

  • Easy Wage Payments—Offering quick and easy electronic payment options for employees boosts employee satisfaction and reduces paperwork—all while staying compliant.

Pricing: Available via custom quote

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

For a big company with lots of employees, ADP is a really good option for HR compliance software. They can handle tricky compliance situations to keep up with tax laws.

While pricing is only available through custom quotes, it usually ranges on the premium side, making it suitable for big, medium-scale, or large-scale companies.

Note that ADP has a high learning curve and can be a bit challenging to set up for the first time. But its solid features and customizations with compliance make it a nice option specifically for large companies with complex needs.

>> Learn more about ADP

#8. GoCo – Best For HR Compliance And Onboarding


GoCo is a popular HR software that has been around since 2015. It has over 100K+ happy user base and is popular in the industry as an all-in-one cloud HR software solution.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Smart Onboarding – It helps you collect all necessary documents from new hirees so that you can stay compliant with things like Form I-9 and avoid costly penalties.

  • Automatic Tax Withholdings – No tax headaches or worries about making mistakes because GoCo automatically files up the taxes and has an easy digital W-4 form to help you stay fully compliant.

  • Benefits Compliance – Keeping up with all the latest rules and regulations for things like ACA, FSA, HSA, and more can feel overwhelming. But GoCo stays on top of it all for you so  you can relax knowing you’re in full compliance, without it taking up all your time and energy.

Pricing: Starts at $5/month per employee (exact pricing available via custom quote)

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

GoCo has all the essential features you need to stay compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

Its smart features take the stress out of collecting new hire paperwork, dealing with tax forms, and staying current on regulations. Its pricing plans depend on the company size and the modules you select, typically starting at $5 per month for each employee.

Considering its modular and budget-friendly pricing plans, it’s perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

>> Learn more about GoCo

#9. Gusto – Best For Easy Payroll And Compliance


Gusto is a popular all-in-one HR platform that’s been helping over 300,000 small businesses since 2011. It’s especially well-known for making payroll and compliance a breeze.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Multi-State Compliance – If your business hires employees in different states, Gusto’s state tax registration tools make it simple to get set up and stay compliant. No more worrying about payroll errors or penalties.

  • International Contractor Payments – With Gusto, you can easily hire and pay contractors in different countries while staying fully compliant. This way you can get access to top global talents without compliance headaches.

  • Compliance Alerts – Whenever there’s any update related to rules and regulations, Gusto will notify you about it. This ensures you always stay updated and compliant to any recent regulations.

Pricing: Starts at $40/month plus $6/month per person

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

Gusto is a top choice for small businesses that want to make their payroll management easy while maintaining compliance with all the regulations.

With features like multi-state tax registration, international contractor hiring, and automatic tax filings, Gusto takes the guesswork out of compliance. 

Pricing starts at $40/month plus $6/month per person, which is reasonable for all the value Gusto provides. It’s an excellent solution for small businesses that want to spend less time on HR paperwork and more time growing their businesses.

>> Learn more about Gusto

#10. Namely – Best HR Compliance Solution For Medium-Scale Businesses


Namely is a popular all-in-one HR software that has been around for over a decade. It’s well-liked by medium-sized businesses because it can handle all their HR needs in one place.

We chose Namely as the best all-in-one HR compliance solution because it offers everything a growing business needs to stay on top of regulations. Its user-friendly interface and helpful compliance features make it easy for HR teams to keep their companies in line with the rules.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Living Handbook – Namely helps you in making an employee handbook that stays up-to-date with the latest policies. This helps protect your company from legal issues down the line.

  • Law & Compliance Alerts – Namely keeps you informed about changes to employment laws. You’ll always know what rules apply to your business.

  • Compliance Training Courses – Namely offers over 300 courses to train your employees including the ones on important compliance related topics. This feature helps in ensuring that everyone in your team knows well about all the essential regulations.

Pricing: Starts at $9/month per employee

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

For medium-sized businesses that want an all-in-one HR solution with strong compliance features, Namely is a top choice. Its user-friendly tools and helpful resources make it easy to stay compliant.

Companies with around 50-500 employees will likely find Namely fits their needs and budget well. Remember that scaling is a bit challenging with Namely. So, if you want a more flexible HR compliance solution then the next option in this list – Paylocity will be the right fit for you.

>> Learn more about Namely

#11. Paylocity – Best All-In-One HR And Payroll Compliance Solution


Paylocity is a popular HR compliance software that has been helping businesses streamline their HR processes for over 20 years. With a user base of over 36K clients, Paylocity has built a strong reputation as an all-in-one HR and payroll solution.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Automated Form Management – Paylocity’s HR compliance software makes it easy to manage and update work authorizations and employee forms. You can launch I-9 verification workflows with just a few clicks. This saves time and ensures compliance with employment eligibility regulations.

  • ACA Compliance Support – ACA stands for Affordable Care Act and it’s related to healthcare compliance. Paylocity gives you a clear overview of your ACA compliance status so that you can easily identify areas that need your attention to maintain full compliance and avoid fines.

  • Compliance Training – You can also educate your employees on compliance related topics through Paylocity’s learning management system. Compliance related incidents are reduced when employees are well-trained about all the rules and regulations.

Pricing: Starts at roughly $39 base fee with $5 for each employee per month (exact details available via custom quote)

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

It’s perfect for those who want to manage all aspects of HR compliance from a single platform. The software’s centralized dashboard and automated features make it easy to stay on top of compliance requirements, even as regulations change.

Compared to ADP or UKG, the Paylocity software is relatively hassle-free to set up and easy to run. That’s why, these days, it’s often selected as one of the top HR softwares for companies.

Paylocity offers a range of plans to suit businesses of different sizes and needs. In short, for companies looking for a comprehensive HR compliance solution, Paylocity is definitely worth considering.

>> Learn more about Paylocity

#12. Justworks – Best HR Compliance Software For Small Businesses


Justworks is a trusted HR compliance software that has been helping small businesses stay compliant and grow for over a decade.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Payroll Tax Support – Justworks ensures accurate tax filings, reducing the risk of penalties and errors for small businesses. This allows small business owners to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about tax compliance.

  • Global EOR – With Justworks EOR service, business owners get the opportunity to hire global talents from over 100 countries – all while staying fully compliant. This means better access to global talent and less stress in managing regulations and staying compliant.

  • Compliance Training Resources – Justworks provides online employee training resources which helps small businesses educate their employees on important compliance topics

Pricing: $50 base fee per month + $8/month for each employee

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

For small businesses looking for a comprehensive HR compliance solution, Justworks is an excellent choice. Its PEO and EOR offering takes the stress out of compliance by handling many of the legal responsibilities.

Its pricing plans start with a $50 base amount and $8/employee per month on top of it. The pricing is not too low nor too high, making it a decent fit for small businesses with limited budgets.

>> Learn more about Justworks

#13. Connecteam – Best HR Compliance Software For Team Management


Connecteam is an all-in-one employee app that has been helping over 36,000 companies manage their workforces since its founding in 2016.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Document Storage And Management – This feature helps you keep all employee documents in one secure place with necessary backups and expiration date alerts. Reduces the risk of compliance issues due to expired certifications, plus, saves time and effort.

  • Regulation Updates – Ensures all employees are quickly informed about policy and regulation changes. This reduces the risk of non-compliance due to lack of awareness of updates.

  • Compliance Reports – This feature gives you real time reports regarding any compliance issues so that you can quickly respond and resolve it.

Pricing: Starts at $29/month (for up to 30 employees), 14 day-free trial also available

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

Connecteam is the best pick for those who are looking for an affordable, user-friendly software solution that has team management and compliance features.

Remember that this is not an all-in-one HR solution so you’ll still need a separate solution for things like Payroll and more.

>> Learn more about Connecteam

#14. RemotePass – Best Affordable HR Hiring And Compliance Software


RemotePass is a relatively new HR compliance software, founded in 2020, that has quickly gained popularity among companies with global contractor workforces.

We chose RemotePass because it offers a solid compliance solution for businesses looking to hire talent internationally.

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • International Hiring And Compliance – You can hire the best talents worldwide while staying fully compliant with the necessary regulations in various countries.

  • Multi-Currency Payroll – RemotePass enables you to pay your global contractors in their local currency. This ensures contractors receive their payments easily without any hassle.

  • Privacy and Data Security – RemotePass follows all standard privacy regulation and compliance themselves like GDPR. This means both businesses and contractors can stay worry-free regarding data privacy.

Pricing: Starts at just $40/month for each contractor ($299/month for each employee)

For Whom It’s Best And Why:

RemotePass is an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline their global contractor hiring process while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

With its user-friendly platform and commitment to data security and privacy, RemotePass simplifies onboarding, managing, and paying international contractors.

One of RemotePass’s standout features is its affordable pricing, which starts at just $40 per month per contractor. This makes it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes looking to expand their global team base.

>> Learn more about RemotePass

How To Select The Right HR Compliance Software?

Company Size

Typical Needs

Small (1-50 employees)

Basic compliance features, affordable pricing

Mid-scale (51-500 employees)

Scalable features, additional HR tools

Large-scale (500+ employees)

Advanced features, customization options

Before you start looking at different software options, think about what your company really needs.

  • How many employees do you have?

  • What kind of compliance issues do you deal with the most?

Make a list of the features that matter most to you. Then, look for key compliance features and match it up with your company requirements.

Remember that no matter how powerful the software is, it won’t help if it’s too hard to use. So, look for software with a user-friendly interface and good customer support.

Some things to consider:

  • Is the software easy to use?

  • Does it offer training or tutorials?

  • Is customer support readily available?

  • Is it easier to implement and integrate?

Finally, consider the price of the software and the value it provides. Some software may be more expensive but offer more features or better support. Others may be cheaper but have limitations.

Think about your budget and what matters most to your company. Don’t worry about spending on good software that will save you time and hassle in the long run.


The right HR compliance software can make a big difference in how well your company follows all the rules and regulations. It can also save you a lot of time and stress in managing those compliance requirements.

Here are the top 3 picks for each company size:

Company Type:

HR Compliance Software:


GoCo, Gusto, RemotePass


Namely, Paylocity, Justworks


ADP, Globalization Partners, Multiplier

When picking your software, think about what matters most to your company. Look for features that fit your needs, a price that works for your budget, and good customer support.

Most importantly, choose software that’s easy for your team to use. The best compliance solution is one that everyone can use everyday without any hassle.

At hrtech, we’re here to help you find the perfect HR compliance software for your business. Our marketplace has lots of great HR software solutions options that can help you organize and optimize your HR processes. Explore now!

Key HR Compliance Features:

  • Document Storage And Management – This feature helps you keep all employee documents in one secure place with necessary backups and expiration date alerts. Reduces the risk of compliance issues due to expired certifications, plus, saves time and effort.

  • Regulation Updates – Ensures all employees are quickly informed about policy and regulation changes. This reduces the risk of non-compliance due to lack of awareness of updates.

  • Compliance Reports – This feature gives you real time reports regarding any compliance issues so that you can quickly respond and resolve it.


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