Top 10 HR Management Software For 2024 in Singapore

Singapore’s HR landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by several key trends. According to a recent LinkedIn report (CV Magazine Singapore, 2024), a focus on attracting and retaining top talent remains paramount. This is particularly true with a projected talent shortage of up to 1 million workers by 2030. These trends emphasise the need for HR professionals in Singapore to adopt innovative solutions and embrace technology to navigate a competitive talent market and prioritise employee experience. 

This guide serves to inform users about the Top 10 HR Management Software for 2024 in Singapore. Take a deep dive into each software and make a decision for your organisation with the help of hrtech’s guide. 



Renowned for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive HR solutions, peopleHum caters to businesses of all sizes. Its intuitive platform streamlines core HR processes like recruitment and onboarding via an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), performance management, and payroll management as well. One of PeopleHum’s more interesting features is Phia, an AI-powered chatbot that exclusively caters to employee’s HR-related questions. It also includes a Learning Management System for personnel to upgrade their skills and learn on the job.



HashMicro emerges as perhaps the strongest contender in the Singaporean HR software market, particularly for businesses seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly solution.  Winner of multiple HR awards and specialising in cloud-based HR information systems (HRIS), HashMicro goes beyond basic functionalities like payroll processing and leave management. Their platform offers a robust suite of tools for talent management, including recruitment tools, applicant tracking, and performance management systems. This allows businesses to attract and retain top talent by streamlining the recruitment process, fostering employee development, and providing a platform for effective performance appraisals. HashMicro’s strength lies in its ability to integrate seamlessly with other business software such as accounting software or CRM systems.

HR Easily:

HR Easily

HR Easily establishes itself as another champion for HRMS software in Singapore. Their focus lies in simplifying tasks like salary processing, employee data management, and HR administration. This makes them a perfect fit for businesses seeking a cost-effective solution to automate these critical functions and free up HR professionals’ time for more strategic initiatives. HR Easily’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth learning curve for HR staff, minimising the need for extensive training and allowing them to quickly reap the benefits of the system. It is cost-effective, easy to use and gets the job done. 



JustLogin excels at, but goes beyond basic attendance monitoring, offering real-time insights into workforce presence and performance. This empowers businesses to optimise scheduling, track employee hours accurately, and ensure compliance with labour regulations. Furthermore, JustLogin excels in employee information management, providing a centralised platform for storing and managing employee data. This streamlines processes like document management, record-keeping, and employee self-service functions.



Talenox positions itself as a user-friendly champion for cloud-based payroll and leave management in Singapore. Their software simplifies these often complex processes, making them ideal for businesses seeking a streamlined solution. Talenox automates payroll calculations and ensures accurate tax deductions, freeing up HR professionals from tedious tasks. Additionally, their leave management system allows for easy leave request submission, approval workflows, and leave tracking. This transparency fosters trust within the organisation and reduces administrative burdens for HR teams.



Swingvy takes a holistic approach to HR management in Singapore, offering a comprehensive suite of features beyond just payroll and core HR functionalities. They distinguish themselves by focusing on benefits administration and employee self-service capabilities. 

Swingvy simplifies the often complex world of employee benefits by providing a centralised platform for managing various benefit programs, claims administration, and employee communication regarding benefits. This streamlines HR tasks and empowers employees to access and manage their benefits information easily. Furthermore, Swingvy champions employee self-service by offering a dedicated portal where employees can manage their leaves, access payslips, and update personal information.



Payboy, a contender in the Singaporean HR software market, focuses on user-friendliness and core functionalities like payroll and leave management. Their interface is designed for ease of use, allowing HR professionals and employees to navigate the system efficiently. 

This simplifies tasks like payroll processing, leave request submissions, and leave tracking. Payboy caters to businesses seeking a cost-effective solution to automate these essential HR functions without the complexities of more comprehensive HRIS solutions. While it might not offer the expansive features of some competitors, Payboy’s strength lies in its focus on user experience and streamlining core HR processes, making it a suitable option for businesses prioritising efficiency and a user-friendly approach to HR software.


Bamboo HR

Recognized for its user-friendly interface and focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), BambooHR simplifies HR processes for growing businesses. Their intuitive design streamlines core HR functions like payroll, benefits administration, and performance management. BambooHR offers a cost-effective solution for SMEs seeking to automate HR tasks and improve efficiency without the complexities of more comprehensive HRIS solutions. They excel in providing a user-friendly platform that empowers HR professionals in smaller businesses to manage their workforce effectively.



Carves a unique niche in the Singaporean HR software market by specialising in workforce management and scheduling. Workmate caters to businesses with shift-based operations or those requiring robust scheduling tools. Their platform allows for efficient creation of work schedules, management of employee time-off requests, and real-time tracking of employee hours. Workmate empowers businesses to optimise labour costs, ensure efficient staffing levels, and streamline communication with employees regarding schedules. This focus on workforce management makes them a valuable solution for businesses prioritising scheduling optimization and efficient staff allocation.



Standing out for its innovative approach to HR management, Humly caters to businesses embracing flexible work arrangements and prioritising employee wellness. Their platform offers features specifically designed to support remote work, flexible schedules, and employee well-being initiatives. Humly streamlines processes for managing remote teams, facilitates communication and collaboration, and promotes a healthy work-life balance for employees. Additionally, they offer tools for tracking employee wellness programs, managing leave requests related to mental health, and fostering a positive work culture.

Transforming HR through Agile Workforce Solutions


The world of HR processes is set to change for the better. For companies in Singapore, the solutions we’ve discussed here are a great starting point for you to explore. For a detailed insight on each solution along with a video and comprehensive reviews, look no further than hrtech, your one-stop shop for navigating the ever-expanding world of HR solutions. 


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