Unleashing the Benefits: Best HR Software ROI Calculators

HR Tech ROI Calculators prove to be quite handy and effective in tracking, analysing and evaluating required metrics. We have collated Top 5 HR ROI Calculators to get you and your HR team started.

by Sanika Sarmalkar, Junior Consultant – Digital HR,

HR metrics are crucial numbers that help businesses measure their human resources and evaluate the effectiveness of their initiatives with HR Software ROI Calculators. When it comes to developing a successful HR strategy, knowing which metrics to track is critical. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Cost per hire, turnover and absenteeism are some of the key HR metrics that can’t be missed. 

Consistently tracking HR metrics help you understand what is performing well, what needs to be improved, and predict the future trends. These insights aid you in recognising your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas for improvement, and eventually developing an all round people strategy.

Top HR ROI Calculators:

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Darwinbox HRMS ROI Calculator:

This is an Online ROI calculator for cloud-based HCM products. Whether you plan to procure an HRMS or already have one on board, this tool will give a good indicator of the ROI you’re looking at and plan your investments towards digital transformation efforts accordingly.

Calculator Link:


Talview’s Hiring ROI Calculator:

An easy-to-use tool that helps you find your potential savings by using Talview’s remote hiring and recruitment automation solutions. Simply enter your current hiring numbers and find the time and cost savings you can potentially achieve.

Calculator Link:

GrabJobs Recruitment Cost Calculator:

Hiring and recruiting can prove to be a costly process, both in terms of time and money. Before identifying the areas that can be removed or decreased, you must first establish how much recruiting costs your firm. Compute your current spend and how much you could save by using GrabJobs Recruitment Cost Calculator. 

Calculator Link:


Beekeeper’s Engagement ROI Calculator:

Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of connecting your frontline employees. By digitally connecting your frontline employees, you can boost engagement, alignment, and productivity. Calculate the productivity gains for your company right now with Beekeeper’s ROI Calculator.

Calculator Link:

Leena AI’s ROI Calculator:

Transform your employee experience with AI. From employee helpdesk to employee engagement, process automation to employee insights, redefine every aspect of employee experience. Estimate the value you can achieve with Leena AI’s ROI Calculator.

Calculator Link:

Personifwy’s Engagement ROI Calculator:

Remote work has turned workforce engagement into crisis management. Prioritising employee engagement for better employee experience, retention and performance has been an important agenda for HR teams. Personifwy’s Engagement ROI Calculator helps you understand the cost saving benefits of improving employee engagement.

Calculator Link:

The purpose of Human Resources ROI calculations is to utilise the information to make better HR choices, optimally spend money on technology, and create a high-performing and productive workplace. HR ROI Calculators help you understand trends, concerns, and opportunities by utilising your HR data. You can then plan out new strategies based on your findings.  

Calculating ROI can help you get a better understanding of how well your organisation is performing and which areas need improvement to assist you meet your goals. It also helps you evaluate new investments and choose the most profitable one.

About the author :

Sanika Sarmalkar is part of the Digital HR Advisory & Consulting team at hrtech. With a Masters in HRM and a background in creative content writing, she is a HRTech evangelist who aims to encourage Enterprise HR Teams to adopt new-age HRTech solutions, and thereby enable their transition into becoming a Strategic HR Business Partner.

About hrtech :

Founded in 2018, we are a Singapore-based HRTech Analyst firm dedicated to facilitating Workplace and Workforce Transformations that drive impactful Business and HR outcomes. Our ultimate vision is to empower HR professionals to transform their organizations by seamlessly integrating technology and human-centric approaches.

From our very beginning, we have been committed to building a TECH-DRIVEN and DATA-CENTRIC HR ECOSYSTEM that empowers organizations to achieve successful Workplace and Talent Transformations, while enabling HR teams to evolve into Strategic Business Partners.

At hrtech, we recognize the paramount importance of adapting to the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace. Our unique value proposition lies in automating and digitizing HR processes to initiate a transformative mindset shift. By embracing our ecosystem, organizations can leverage the power of technology to streamline operations, enhance Business and HR productivity and efficiency, elevate employee experiences, and unlock their full potential.

Our comprehensive ecosystem serves as a catalyst for the digital transformation of HR functions, enabling you to optimize efficiency, foster innovation, and cultivate a thriving workforce amidst constant change. To facilitate this transformation and drive organizational success, we operate through our four distinct verticals of Academy, Advisory & Consulting, Marketplace Solutions and Talent OnDemand.

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