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5 Types of Talent Assessment Methods to Use for Technical Recruiting

Types of Talent Assessment Methods to Use for Technical Recruiting

How do you identify the most skilled candidates from the list of resumes you’ve received? According to a global survey, 29% of recruiters have agreed that the skills gap in the workplace has increased.

by Abhishek Shah,  Founder, Testlify

One common recruiting challenge is discerning the value of each candidate. From all the applications, this means knowing who the best person is for the job. In this situation, you’ll often have to pick one applicant over the other. 

But, what could you do to confirm you’re making the right choice?

That’s where these 5 types of talent assessment methods come in.

  •  Technical Interviews
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Software Proficiency
  • Situational Judgment

Technical Interviews

A technical interview is designed to give you an understanding of how a candidate uses their expertise to solve a problem. These are prepared for the purpose of testing their technical proficiency, which is important when hiring for tech-based roles. On top of that, you get an insight into their approach and thought process. Using the right questions, you also have the opportunity to assess their soft skills. Not just based on their answers, but based on how they respond to each question.

Aptitude Tests

An aptitude test is used to assess the candidate’s competence and cognitive abilities. In other words, testing for specific skill sets that rely on the cognitive functions of the brain such as long-term memory, reasoning, and learning ability. This lets you know if they have the required skills and knowledge to succeed in carrying out the job responsibilities. As each test is standardized, the results are objective regardless of the applicant’s background.

 Personality Tests

You might be familiar with the Myer-Briggs personality test. This reveals your personality type, as well as your interests and preferences. However, this type of assessment is used in the workplace to determine how well the candidate fits in the company culture. If they align with your brand mission and share the same values, then it’s probable that they’ll stay for the long-term. In fact, one report found that 81% of employees were less likely to quit their jobs because they were a good cultural fit. Moreover, this often leads to higher job satisfaction since they’re genuinely passionate about their line of work. Building a team that fits into this criteria would reduce the employee turnover rate as they’re easier to retain.

Software Proficiency

Having basic IT skills and software proficiency is a must for technology-related job positions. When hiring for specific roles, use a software skills test to verify that they’re capable of completing their tasks to a good standard. Additionally, you’ll need to confirm if they’re up-to-date with using the necessary resources. For example, before hiring a web developer, test their experience by giving them a WordPress developer assessment.

Situational Judgment

The situational judgment test (SJT) is used to evaluate a candidate’s decision-making skills. This shows you how they would behave or react when facing a problem in different workplace scenarios. It also leads to getting a better understanding of the candidate’s values and ethics since there’s usually no definitive answer. Outside of the core competencies for the job, you’re assessing for other qualities such as attitude, mindset, and teamwork.

All the Talent Assessment Methods You Need in One Place

Testlify offers a diverse range of talent assessments to ensure you fill each job opening with the most skilled candidates. You also have the opportunity to modify each one and to include your own questions. The best way to measure a person’s level of skill is to assess their job performance, i.e. how they use what they know to solve a problem. Using the results from all applicants, it’s easier to analyze each of their abilities and to see who’s a good fit based on the data shown. Not only does it minimize recruiting bias. But, it reduces costs and the time to hire without jeopardizing the candidate experience.
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Final Thoughts

Before making a hiring decision, it’s important to get all the necessary details. However, one sole method of assessment won’t give you the full context. Therefore, it’s important to use a range of tests to verify their skills in different areas.

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